Strategic Goals

What we’re focused on to help meet our mission of Inspiring Life Journeys!

Our 2023-2025 Strategic Goals

We believe that stakeholders deserve to have input in the strategic planning process. Through a combination of surveys, direct conversation, and roundtable team discussions, we encourage those we engage with to share their feedback as we craft our vision for the future.

Goal #1

Address the sustainability and regulatory constraints of existing services and pilot innovative models with diversified revenue streams

Goal #2

Secure capital funding for aging infrastructure and equipment

Goal #3

Reduce barriers to accessibility through intentional collaborations, partnerships, and advocacy

Goal #4

Act on our commitment to safety, diversity, equity, inclusion, and access

Goal #5

Utilize technology to enhance our capacity for community reach, individual-driven outcomes, and operations

Goal #6

Expand our volunteer and donor activities for greater impact


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