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Strategic Goals

What we’re focused on to help meet our mission of Inspiring Life Journeys!

Our 2022 Strategic Goals

We believe that stakeholders deserve to have input in the strategic planning process. Through a combination of surveys, direct conversation, and roundtable team discussions, we encourage those we engage with to share their feedback as we craft our vision for the future.

As with most organizations, COVID-19 has had a major impact on our operations. We’ve worked hard to reduce these challenges, but we know that the toll on our finances and workforce will undoubtedly continue.

To address these pressing concerns, we’ve narrowed our focus to three strategic goals for 2022. Ensuring that we are competitive in this tight labor market will be key, as will our efforts to grow and develop our future leaders. In addition, we must work together with system partners to create sustainable service models and identify new sources of funding to ensure their lasting success.

Goal #1: Enrich Employee Experiences

  • Goal Progress 50% 50%
Continued Quarterly Bonuses

Based on employee feedback, we’ve elected to continue offering quarterly bonuses to our staff through 2022. It’s one small way we can give back for all the great work they do to inspire life journeys.

New Discount Program

We are proud to offer our employees a fantastic new way to save money on the purchases they make every day. Through our partnership with Abenity, Open Door employees have access to discounts on everything from fast food, movies, and other local entertainment options to things like hotels, vacations, car and home purchases and more!

Enhanced Benefit Packages

One of the things we learned from the employee survey was that our staff were not thrilled with some of the network restrictions in our insurance plans. In 2022, we’ve made sure to change that and are pleased to offer our employees affordable insurance options with more network providers and increased flexibility.

Ongoing Administrative Support

During the height of the pandemic, we found new ways to relieve some of the administrative burdens from our DSPs. These processes, things like online supply and mail delivery, worked so well and were so appreciated by our staff that we’ve opted to continue many permanently.

Goal #2: Develop Sustainable Service Models and Funding

  • Goal Progress 40% 40%
Remote Supports

Our system is built around DSPs providing direct, in-person services for people with disabilities.

The issue with that is that both our workforce and current funding models do not support that, so we’ve been looking for alternative ways to ensure folks get the care they need in the least restrictive way possible.

One innovative idea we’ve been able to implement is remote support. Through the use of technology, people with disabilities are able to be more independent than ever. They get help with things like cooking, medications, personal safety, and more all through the use of assistive technology.

This doesn’t mean that DSPs are removed from their lives. Rather, it means that when they are there, they can assist with things technology can’t do, like personal care and transportation, giving them more time for personal interaction.

Read about the positive impact remote supports are having for individuals in Supported Community Living!

App for Contract DSPs

Most people have heard of the “gig” economy. Companies like Uber and DoorDash hire contract employees to deliver people and food throughout the community. This type of employment structure is attractive to many because of the work-life balance it allows. Staff are able to set their own schedule, work as many (within limits) or as few shifts as they want to, and are paid at a higher rate than permanent employees because they don’t receive benefits.

We wondered if implementing the same “gig” economy concepts might help us solve some of the challenges our direct care workforce is facing right now.

In partnership with other providers, industry associations, and DODD, we’re working on developing an app that would enable DSPs to upload their qualifications and training for verification and then be able to pick up and work any open shift for any provider.

Organizations and individuals would then be able to “rate and review” the performance of that DSP so that others looking for help can have the information they need to make an informed choice regarding the staff working for them.

Goal #3: Build Leadership Infrastructure

  • Goal Progress 60% 60%

Leadership Training 2.0

Leadership development should always be a priority. Historically, we’ve focused on the same people being here leading the ship, and not so much on that next level of succession planning and cross-training so that others are gaining the knowledge necessary to advance their own careers. So, this past year, we started our first leadership program. This wasn’t focused on tasks, but on self-development, reflection, and looking forward towards the future for new leaders to develop.

In 2022, we’re taking that to the next level, including the knowledge of advocacy, legislators, public policy, and how we can really impact change in our system. Graduates of the leadership program will have the confidence they need to go down and ask for a meeting at the statehouse to share their story/perspective. When policymakers hear from DSPs and other people in the field it can have a large impact.

We’re looking forward to all that our future leaders will accomplish in 2022 and beyond!

Board Recruitment

Our board is so critical to everything we do – from fundraising to governance, and supporting the infrastructure that it takes to really make a change in our field.

With three seats opening in the coming year, we put a strong focus on board recruitment and aimed to ensure that our board both reflects and represents the community we’re serving. 

We are proud to announce that we’ve been able to fill all of our open seats! Learn more about our newest board members here.

In addition, we’re also focusing on providing additional training and development for our current board members and engaging them in achieving these strategic goals.

Read More About Our Progress

Check out what our Executive Director, Rebecca Sharp, has to say about our strategic goals on our blog!


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