our 2021

Strategic Goals

What we’re focused on to help meet our mission of Inspiring Life Journeys!

Our 2021 Strategic Goals

Renew, Reinvent, & Build Resilience

Inspire Individual Journeys

Connect With Our Community

Invest in Infrastructure

Apply to Volunteer With Open Door


Renew, Reinvent, & Build Resilience

We will:

Develop and implement employee-focused solutions for rest, renewal, and rejuvenation.

  • We have provided all of our Direct Care Professionals with bonuses each quarter based on the number of hours worked during this pandemic period. Of course, employees are free to use these funds as they’d like, but our hope is that they provide an opportunity for some level of self-care (vacation, a spa day, day trips/experiences with family, etc.).
  • We have created a relaxation space within our main office for all employees to use complete with massage chairs and a gourmet coffee station.
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%

Anticipate and make accommodations for all pandemic-related budgetary impacts.

  • Our Board of Directors has approved our 2021 budget which takes into account both expected and potential unexpected pandemic-related expenditures.
  • Goal Progress 100% 100%

Develop and grow an Employee Assistance Program to support employees encountering emergency hardships.

  • Our Human Resources and Social Services teams have worked to develop an Employee Resource Network. This network is designed to connect employees with the community-based resources available to provide support if/when they encounter hardship.
  • Goal Progress 40% 40%

Create a calendar and task grid that can be easily shared and updated in real-time organization-wide.

  • We have developed a shared calendar and task grid via JotForm which is updated daily and utilized organization-wide.
  • Goal Progress 100% 100%

Strengthen and sustain our COVID stockpile including: PPE, sanitizing supplies and equipment, staffing, and human capital.

  • We have secured additional storage space for our COVID stockpile and joined forces with others to facilitate bulk ordering through established vendors for future PPE, sanitizing supplies, and equipment needs.
  • We received new fit testing kits for N95 respirators.
  • Our COVID stockpile is fully replenished and we will continue to maintain it at current levels throughout the pandemic period and beyond.
  • Goal Progress 100% 100%

Implement back-up staffing plans that enable employees to receive breaks and be able to take time off when needed.

  • We have hired additional staff, intentionally unassigned to a specific division, who will provide backup coverage whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%

Create an online knowledgebase of all policies and procedures along with chain of command diagrams, increasing access and ease of use for our employees.

  • We have completed a virtual knowledgebase which makes our policies and procedures accessible to anyone at any time. Find it here. This move is also in accordance with our core value of transparency, enabling all of our stakeholders to see how it is we operate.
  • Goal Progress 100% 100%

Develop a new menu of rewards for staff to choose from based on performance, longevity, hours worked, and attendance.

  • We have partnered with Awardco to provide a new lineup of rewards for employee recognition.
  • We have given out first, second, and third quarter bonuses for hours worked during the pandemic period.
  • As part of our rebranding, our new website will feature an Open Door Swag store where employees can redeem coupon codes given in recognition of their work for great items like t-shirts, bags, and more!
  • We have revised our leave policy to allow for all staff to choose the paid holidays that are most important for them.
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%

Create new, safe, and innovative day service models that will both amplify our impact and affirm our commitment to remain facility-free.

  • Teams from all of our day service programs have met and are carrying out plans to reallocate spaces/vehicles where appropriate.
  • We have worked with county boards and other providers to bring folks back to our programs who had been on-hold due to COVID-associated risks.
  • As of June 2, 2021, most DODD pandemic-related restrictions were lifted, allowing us to resume normal operations (masks and social distancing still required).
  • Open Door Art Studio & Gallery has once again resumed art-focused community experiences.
  • Career, Activity, & Community has added an additional On-the-Go to meet the growing demand for this community-based day service model.
  • CCHS @ UCO Industries in Union County has implemented its own On-the-Go program as well! Originally designed to provide meaningful and enriching experiences for individuals out of work due to Honda production shutdowns, this program was so popular that we’ve expanded it to include all interested individuals in the Marysville area.
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%


Inspire Individual Journeys

We will:

Invest in and empower the Open Door Advocacy Group as they work to promote policy change, guide our governance, and assist decision-makers.

  • The Open Door Advocacy Group, run by the individuals we serve and supported by our Social Services department has really taken off since the beginning of the pandemic. The group has spearheaded peer-reviewed surveys, leading to real policy changes within our organization. In addition, the group also now votes to select our Employees of the Month!
  • In addition to the Advocacy Group, we have also launched a number of other individual interest groups, held via Zoom, to help those we support to stay engaged, find community, and share their passions.
  • The Advocacy Group is actively engaged with the Ohio Self Determination Association, the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council, and Project STIR, regularly attending each organization’s meetings and events to provide their input as well as learn from their peers.
  • Our Advocacy Group, along with members of our social services, administrative, and executive teams will participate in the review and approval of Open Door Mini-Grant applications. 
  • Goal Progress 80% 80%

Promote people-focused relationships with all stakeholders by actively listening to all voices, asking for and respecting preferences, showing our sincere appreciation, and providing meaningful recognition.

  • Satisfaction surveys have been sent to all of our stakeholders and their responses are coming in! Once the submission data has been compiled, we will share it here, and will use their feedback to guide future decision making.
  • Many of the individuals we support have expressed their desire to participate in more community experiences. Unfortunately, cost was often a barrier to their participation. We are excited to share that through a combination of generous donor support and grant funds provided by the Good Shepherd Foundation of Ohio, this year we will be able to make this goal a reality for so many!

    So far, we’ve purchased memberships to the Franklin Park Conservatory, the Ohio History Connection, and were generously gifted memberships to the Columbus Museum of Art. In addition, thanks to the grant funding we received, we will be giving out 250 mini-grants for meaningful experiences to the individuals we support!

  • Goal Progress 75% 75%

Encourage professional development by enhancing existing training programs and increasing the number of available learning opportunities.

  • Our Leadership Training series for 2021 is underway with many offerings created in conjunction with the Ohio Alliance of Direct Support Professionals. This focused training is providing our DSP Leads and other supervisors with the skills and knowledge needed to be effective and inspiring leaders.
  • To assist new employees as they learn their new roles, we have created a team of designated on-the-job trainers. These experienced trainers provide one-on-one and small group education and are evaluated frequently by both their trainees and our management team to ensure their effectiveness.
  • We have allocated additional funding for professional development and created a simple new JotForm for employees to request approval for these external training opportunities.
  • Open Door is a proud sponsor of this year’s Ohio Alliance of Direct Support Professionals Recognition Event! This event not only provides much needed recognition to our DSPs, but also provides them with a wealth of continuing education opportunities.
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%

Feature and recognize new employees within their first 30 days of employment.

  • All new employees are being featured in our monthly employee update video, Director’s Download.
  • We are featuring a new employee each month in our Moments That Matter newsletter.
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%

Focus on equity by diversifying our Board of Directors and Leadership Team.

  • Our Board of Directors has created a Board Recruitment Committee in support of this goal.
  • We have submitted an application to BoardLead, an organization that works to match talented professionals with organizations for high-impact board service.
  • Our Board of Directors voted to amend our bylaws to allow for self-nomination, eliminating any actual or perceived barriers that may have been in place and allowing us to promote and share service opportunities more widely.
  • Our new website includes space to promote board service opportunities and makes it easy for those interested to apply right from their computer or smartphone.
  • Goal Progress 60% 60%

Enhance our overall appeal to current and future employees through changes to our policies and procedures, recruitment strategies, benefits packages, and bonus structures, affirming our appreciation for their work.

  • We have developed new partnership with Godman Guild, CRIS,  and three local high schools to further advance our recruiting efforts.
  • We have increased the amount of our referral bonus as employee referrals are by far our largest source of new employees.
  • We have updated our vacation policy to allow employees to receive holiday pay regardless of the number of hours worked during the pay period.
  • We are considering options for continuing the quarterly staff bonuses based on the feedback we received from our staff survey.
  • Goal Progress 70% 70%


Connect With Our Community

We will:

Become valued contributors to our community, lending support through volunteer service, resource sharing, and sponsorship.

  • Our volunteer work with Life Care Alliance’s mask program helped package over 25,000 masks for seniors in need.
  • We have also assisted with Life Care Alliance’s Cancer Care program, helping to fill the need when they could not find anyone else to do so.
  • We are planning a group volunteer event for all of our administrative staff that will take place this summer – stay tuned for details!
  • We have partnered with several providers to ensure we are all able to maintain adequate staffing during this continuing workforce crisis.
  • We have partnered with South Western city Schools to serve as an internship site for high school students interested in direct-care professions.
  • We assisted DODD with the production of a video that will honor DSPs during National Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week.
  • We are proud sponsors of this year’s Ohio Alliance of Direct Support Professional’s DSP recognition event!
  • Goal Progress 60% 60%

Raise community awareness and increase visibility by sharing stories of impact and using marketing and branding which reflects a deep commitment to our mission, vision, and core values.

  • We have created an easy-to-use online Individual Experience Form to capture the great things happening in the lives of the individuals we support every day.
  • The stories and pictures received through the Individual Experience Form are then shared with the individual, their families/guardians, and with the community through our website, monthly newsletter, and social media channels to highlight all the ways in which we inspire life journeys.
  • In addition, we have launched a new online store which features the incredible work of artists represented by Open Door Art Studio & Gallery, along with a new line of product-based merchandise, which has provided a platform through which to exhibit and sell their work and earn income despite our gallery being temporarily closed to the public.
  • We have partnered with Ten Centuries Media to produce a series of videos that will help us share our story and impact with the community.
  • We were proud and honored to have two of our employees receive statewide recognition at this year’s Ohio Health Care Association conference! Rebecca Sharp was named ID/DD Manager of the Year, and Rita Hager was named ID/DD Caregiver of the Year!
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%

Implement new storytelling strategies such as legislative ride-a-longs, individual-written newsletter articles, organizational impact videos, and ongoing media outreach.

  • Becky presented at the Ohio Trauma-Informed Care Conference focusing on the pandemic’s impact on Open Door, the individuals we support, their families, and our staff.
  • We are participating in a number of state workgroups to ensure our voices/perspectives/stories are heard by our state’s decision-makers.
  • Open Door and Career, Activity, & Community both submitted written testimony for HB 110, highlighting the importance of maintaining funding for adult day services and the impact of STEP services.
  • We have partnered with Ten Centuries Media to produce a series of videos designed to highlight our impact, capture who we are, and share how we inspire life journeys with others in our community to encourage further engagement. 
  • We have been working hard to connect with local media outlets to help us spread awareness and share our story with a larger audience.
  • Based on stakeholder feedback, we will be restructuring our newsletter soon to make it more accessible for all audiences on any device.
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%

Connect with local businesses to develop a mutually-beneficial preferred partner program.

  • We have created partnerships with Godman Guild and Community Refugee & Immigration Services for recruiting new staff and GED resources/courses for current staff.
  • Goal Progress 15% 15%

Finalize and rollout new branding organization-wide.

  • New branding and rollout timeline have been finalized.
  • We have shared the details and rollout timeline with all of our stakeholders via email, our Latest News page, and our Moments that Matter newsletter. In case you missed it, check it out here.
  • We will officially become Open Door on September 6, 2021!
  • Goal Progress 85% 85%

Share individual experiences with key stakeholder groups by developing an easy, secure, and automated system.

  • We have developed and implemented a new way to capture individual experiences using an online JotForm and our social work team have been regularly sharing these submissions with families and guardians.
  • We also frequently share these submissions across our social media channels and in our monthly newsletter, reaching an even wider audience.
  • Going forward, we’d like to find ways to improve efficiency/automate some portions of this process (like sending an email to families/guardians when a form is submitted).
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%


Invest in Infrastructure

We will:

Evaluate the usage of all organization assets and make strategic decisions to repurpose, reallocate, or release using fact-based information and data.

  • Based on last year’s expenditure data, along with external supply chain difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the decision to create a new purchasing position and implement new solutions for supply procurement and delivery organization-wide.
  • After a comprehensive evaluation of our fleet, we made the decision to sell four of our vehicles.
  • We made the decision, and our Board was in agreement, that we move to pay off the loan for Open Door Art Studio & Gallery.
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%

Enhance and update our buildings and environments, prioritizing individual-focused improvements and organization upgrades to advance our overall impact.

  • New flooring has been installed in every apartment at Park West, all spaces within Career, Activity, & Community, and our corporate offices, providing a fresh look and safe, smooth surfaces that will benefit every individual, employee, and visitor.
  • We have created new recreational and therapy space plans for Park West, giving the individuals we support additional outlets for fun and physical activity.
  • To enhance the safety and security of those living at Park West, a new fence was installed that will allow for free movement of individuals and staff but restrict access for unauthorized visitors.
  • Thanks to a grant program through the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, the HVAC systems at Park West and Open Door Art Studio & Gallery have been replaced with new systems which will improve the airflow and provide additional filtration to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses.
  • Plans are being made to repair the concrete floor of our outdoor shelter house for safety reasons and to add a basketball hoop at Park West Court Apartments for recreation.
  • Goal Progress 85% 85%

Improve efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint by upgrading our IT infrastructure, completing the transition to all electronic systems, and implementing a cloud-based file storage solution.

  • As part of our 2021 draft budget, we have included funding for IT infrastructure upgrades. We are happy to report that with the assistance of our IT partners, Elevity, we have installed a new firewall and switches and have started transitioning our storage to the cloud. This saves space on our physical servers, reduces network lags for users, and significantly improves our network security.
  • We have refreshed 10 computers so far this year.
  • We have secured cloud storage capabilities and are in the process of converting paper files to secure electronic files.
  • Goal Progress 70% 70%

Provide better, more economical transportation solutions by evaluating our fleet and repurposing or reallocating vehicles as necessary, creating a robust preventative maintenance plan for all vehicles, partnering with a reliable and cost-effective automotive repair specialist, and implementing OnSeen for routing and dispatch of regular trips.

  • As a response to one of the biggest challenges facing individuals with disabilities – transportation, we are participating in a pilot for a new software platform, OnSeen, that will ultimately enable the pooling of resources and create an on-demand style transportation resource for individuals across Central Ohio. The initial phase of this pilot launched in January and is now being used 100% of the time in Supported Community Living.
  • A review of our fleet was conducted and we will be selling some of our larger vehicles with the goal of purchasing smaller, more economical vehicles to better serve the one-on-one and small group formats our programs have shifted to.
  • We have initiated a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan and hired a Fleet Technician to oversee it in an effort to reduce expensive vehicle repairs.
  • We are awaiting the delivery of three new accessible minivans thanks to a grant awarded by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC).
  • Goal Progress 75% 75%

Work with Brittco to create needed reports, ensuring that our documentation meets the requirements of all stakeholders.

  • Brittco has been diligently working to create a number of reports that we needed to streamline the person-centered planning process.
  • Goal Progress 90% 90%

Implement new solutions for tablet/phone chargers.ur documentation meets the requirements of all stakeholders.

  • New locking chargers have been purchased and are being rolled out across all locations and service settings.
  • Goal Progress 70% 70%