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Stakeholder Survey Results


Each year, we survey all of our stakeholders and ask them to provide an honest assessment of what we’re doing right and what they think we could improve upon. We then take those results and use them to guide our strategic planning process and set goals for the upcoming year.

In the interest of full transparency, one of our core values, we are sharing the results of those surveys here with you! Please take a moment to review all of this information and if you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know!

Family & Guardian Survey Results

Nursing and Medical Services

Scheduling and Staffing

Outcomes and Goal Progress

Outings and Transportation

Meals and Cooking

Medical Appointments

Opportunity to Visit with Family and Friends

Weekend Activities

Social Services

Program Coordinators/QIDPs

MUI/UI Survey Results

Staff Survey Results

What is the one thing that Open Door Does best?

What do you like about Open Door?

Aside from pay rate, what is the least satisfying part of your experience here at Open Door?

If Open Door could do one thing to improve services, what would it be?

What area do you feel Open Door needs to provide more training in?

Would you prefer an hourly rate increase or the continuation of quarterly bonuses?

What is one thing that Open Door has done differently in the past year that has improved employee morale or meant the most to our employees?

What is something that Open Door should pursue to create positive change?

Board of Directors Evaluation of Organization Performance

Intermediate-Care Facilities:

Supported Community Living:

Open Door Art Studio:

Career, Activity, & Community:

Open Door in Union County:

Leadership Team:

Executive Director:

Communication and Reports to the Board:



Quality Improvement:

Organization, Timeliness, and Response to Committee Meetings:

COVID Response (staff-related):

COVID Response (individual-related):

External Reputation and Relationship Building:

Additional comments on programs, services, teams, and activities:

What are the top priorities Open Door should focus on in the coming year?

Self-Evaluation of Board Performance

Knowledge of Mission, Vision, and Core Values:

Board Engagement:

Community Networking:



Knowledge of General Policies:

Knowledge of Nonprofit Operations:

Financial Oversight:

Governance Oversight:

External Reputation and Relationship Building:

Additional comments about board self-evaluation of performance:

Board Evaluation of Executive Director’s Technical and Professional Performance:

Entrepreneurial Skills:

Financial Management:

Governance Practices:

Program Management:

Strategic Planning:

Board Evaluation of Executive Director’s Interpersonal Skills:


Relationship Management:

Partnership Management:

Board evaluation of Executive Director’s Change Management:

Develops Strategic Perspectives:

Champions Change:

Connects Internal Groups with the Outside World:

Change Communication:

Additional comments from board about the Executive Director’s performance:

What are the top priorities you think the Executive Director should focus on in the coming year?

Open Door

Open Door is a Columbus-based nonprofit provider for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our mission and vision are to inspire life journeys and cultivate valued roles for all people. What door can we open for you?


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