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“Romeo & Juliet” Headlines an Exciting Schedule

Romeo & Juliet

Get ready to see the Montagues and Capulets! Our Open Door Stage & Screen program will present Romeo & Juliet (in 40 Minutes) during two performances on August 10th and 17th at 6pm.

Getting ready for the show
Getting ready for the show
Getting ready for the show

This play is the latest part of an eventful 2023 for our group. They’re wrapping up a successful Spring show, Alice’s Adventures in Almost Neverland, with a performance at the Ohio State Fair’s ODNR stage on July 27th.

Now, the group shifts from a fantasy world to a classic Shakespearean play.

“After doing ‘Alice,’ I thought it was time to do something completely different,” said Cary Johnston, the program’s director.

There are many versions of the play that can suit a wide range of performers. This adaptation of Romeo and Juliet has a universal language that all audiences will appreciate. Performers on stage will show love, hatred, desire, comedy, and tragedy. Plus, there’s a surprise ending that is sure to leave audiences on the edge of their seat.

Receiving stage direction

Most of the fabric used in the show – pretty much everything the audience will see – was donated or repurposed for Open Door Stage & Screen. The donated costumes have been adapted to fit our performers, and they’re ready to show them off!

In addition to playing the role of Romeo, actor Bobby Zimmerman helped design the set: everything from the lion fountains in the background to the marble-like columns that frame the stage. It’s yet another example of how the program fosters creativity and hands-on experience in all facets of theatrical productions.

Another goal for the group has been to broaden their horizons by working with professional singers in the community. Sheena Phillips, Artistic Director of the Magpie Consort, has been giving our cast signing lessons and adapting a 400-year-old tune to open the show.

(View a slideshow from our Magpie Consort performance below!)

This play will feature a smaller cast than usual, which gives some performers more stage time to develop their characters, and lets others focus on the emerging “Screen” portion of Open Door Stage & Screen – which is full steam ahead on a new movie project titled Imperfect Storm.

The film, based on the movie The Perfect Storm, is being written by one of our actors, Peter Crawford.

Pretty much every actor we support will be in the movie at some point. “It’s important to give people in the program the opportunity to experience a diverse array of content,” said staff member Tony Florentino who is helping with the project.

Storyboard for Open Door Stage & Screen

A lot of materials are needed for these movies: from props, to lighting, to video editing software.

“Tony is furiously learning a lot of new things so he can teach it to our performers,” Cary said.

In preparation, the group has set up a green screen and has made some experimental movies. Filming on Imperfect Storm will begin soon, with an anticipated release date later this year.

All these projects feature the exciting ways that Open Door Stage & Screen is fulfilling our mission to inspire life journeys through performing arts. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for our talented group of actors, writers, and creators!

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