Remote Support Professional

Columbus, OH

Job Description

At Open Door, we inspire the life journeys of individuals with disabilities and cultivate valued roles for them in their communities. We are looking for a  motivated person to join our team as a Remote Support Professional.

**This position is not a work from home job. You will be required to be on-site at our corporate office and provide remote supervision of the people we support who utilize this service in their homes.**



  • At least a High School diploma or equivalent; post-Secondary education preferred.
  • At least two years of experience with the DD population.
  • Prior experience with technology, software, computer skills required.
  • Willingness to work with the developmental disabled (DD) population.

General Requirements For All Positions

  • Responsible for daily review, update, and completion of assignments as outlined in work management platforms, and departmental software.
  • Reflects culture, and behavior that exemplifies the organization’s mission, vision, and core values.
  • Personal accountability to self, team, and leadership.
  • Reporting of incidents timely to incident hotline and complete required reports on electronic platforms.
  • Staying abreast of established policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Utilize existing informational systems to obtain information.
  • Follow chain of command and on-call procedures.
  • Commitment to self-development and completion of required on-going training requirements.

    Key Duties


    The following duties are the primary duties associated with this position, however this position does require additional tasks as assigned that are necessary and appropriate to enhance and normalize the lives of individuals:


    • Responsible for individual’s services outlined in OISP which specifically indicate remotes supports provider is assigned.
    • Personal interaction to assist individual to reach and maintain the highest level of safety and security in their home.
    • Assistance with medication reminders, as required. This will be done in accordance with all medication administration regulations set by DODD.
    • Assurance off the proper functionality of all monitoring equipment and/or notification of service team to ensure back-up support in place if any issue noted.
    • Assessment, monitoring, and supervising individual safety, health, and welfare.
    • Reporting of any needed repairs to the IT or technical response team.
    • Knowledge of all emergency policies and instructing on first aid and CPR, if necessary.
    • Completion of all required electronic documentation as assigned.
    • Assistance to coordinate with the individual/guardian, family members, and designated person as applicable, to assist in the coordination of services; attends company and individual meetings, as assigned.
    • Real time monitoring of the residence, and must remain awake and alert at all times.
    • Telephonic and electronic device/video support for all individuals and their support team members during incidents.
    • Notification to back-up support staff during times of need.
    • Notification to emergency personnel such as police, fire, emergency medical services, and psychiatric crisis response entities.
    • Immediate assessment of a situation and call local emergency number first if that is deemed necessary, and then contact backup support staff. During these times the RSP will stay engaged with the until emergency personnel or the backup support staff arrive.
    • Assistance to non-emergency situations as specified in the OISP or care protocol.
    • Reporting for all Unusual Incidents or Major Unusual Incidents that occur during periods of monitoring to Incident Hotline or established reporting for location; completes incident report.
    • Maintain professional conduct & appearance.
    • Any other duties as assigned per ISP including individual specific needs, behavioral interventions, and preventative measures outlined.


        -At least a High School diploma or equivalent; post-Secondary education preferred.

        -At least two years of experience with the DD population.

        -Prior experience with technology, software, computer skills required.

        -Willingness to work with the developmental disabled (DD) population.

        Pay Range:

        $18.50/hour (additional pay for education diff.)


        • Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday- 7:00am – 3:00pm. Friday- 7:00am-7:00pm.

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