Timothy Azbell
A fist painted on top of floral fabric with the letters BLM painted in light blue.
A skull-like face circled with orange triangles.
A piece of aged paper with hieroglyphics written in a grid system.
Timothy Azbell
Tim is inspired by the way that early native Americans created. He is skilled in flint knapping and creating objects using primitive construction like weaving an pottery. Tim loves nature. He would spend all day in the woods if he didn’t have to come to the studio to create his work. He is also interested in the imagery from popular culture and his work often incorporates both nature and pop culture to create wild hybrid images.
Exhibition History


  • Open Door Art Studio Collection – 1600 Watermark


  • Pulp – Open Door Art Studio & Gallery
  • Decades– Open Door Art Studio & Gallery
  • The Writing is on The Wall – Carnegie Gallery


    Key Skills

    Painting & Drawing
    Flint Knapping


    Acrylic & Watercolor
    Graphite & Colored Pencil
    Stone & Textiles


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