Timothy Azbell
Timothy Azbell
Tim is one with nature. He is very in tune with the workings of the woods and appreciates spending time there. His expertise is primitive tool making. He spends much of his time knapping flint, chert, obsidian into arrowheads and spear points. Tim likes to draw inspiration from ancient cultures and uses imagery of pictographs and bold colors to convey his concepts.
Exhibition History


  • Open Door Collective – Open Door Art Studio & Gallery


  • Open Door Art Studio Collection – 1600 Watermark


  • Pulp – Open Door Art Studio & Gallery
  • Decades– Open Door Art Studio & Gallery
  • The Writing is on The Wall – Carnegie Gallery


    Key Skills

    Painting & Drawing
    Flint Knapping


    Acrylic & Watercolor
    Graphite & Colored Pencil
    Stone & Textiles


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