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Offering employment support and innovative community-based adult day services for individuals with disabilities in Union County.

Career and Community Options That Inspire Life Journeys


On-the-Job Support

On-the-Go at UCO




Program Overview

Open Door in Union County is proud to offer two unique, innovative adult day service programs designed to inspire the life journeys of individuals with disabilities in the greater Marysville area.

Open Door at UCO Industries, Inc.

  • With transportation, nursing, and on-the-job support and encouragement, we can help you find success as an associate at UCO Industries Inc., a Tier 1 Honda supplier.

On-the-Go in UCO

  • Open Door in Union County is proud to offer individuals a facility-free choice for their adult day program needs. Participants in our On-the-Go models spend 100% of their time immersed and engaged in the community!


On-the-Job Support


Partnering for Individual Success

In an integrated workplace setting, UCO Industries Inc. is committed to providing great employment opportunities for individuals in Union County. As a trusted support provider, we offer a wide range of on-the-job services designed to promote their success such as:

  • Nursing
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Transportation
  • On-the-job Encouragement

Work Should Be More Than Just a Job

A career at UCO Industries can be both rewarding and fun! With themed potlucks, holiday celebrations, and a huge annual employee recognition event, UCO associates have a great time at work!


On-the-Go at UCO

This innovative, community-based  program offers individuals with disabilities small group adult day service options focused on the unique needs, wants, and goals of each person.


Cultivate Circles

When an individual joins our program, one of the first things they’ll experience is a “Cultivate Circle.”

During a Cultivate Circle, the individual, along with members of their team and anyone else they’d like to invite, will discuss the individual’s interests and passions to come up with a focused goal along with action steps to achieve it. These brainstorming sessions help ensure we are all working together to inspire each individual’s life journey!

These cultivate circles, held monthly, give the individual and their team a chance to reflect on progress made, work out solutions if challenges are encountered, and set new goals as others are achieved.


Getting Started with an On-the-Go Group

Once an individual has chosen a focus area through their Cultivate Circle, our team of experienced Community Connectors will work to match them with an existing On-the-Go group with similar interests and goals, or, choose to establish a new group if none currently exists.

Together, they’ll work to find and explore opportunities in the community, make connections, and build lasting relationships that will help the individual progress towards their goal.



Since we began offering community-based services this year, we have seen amazing growth for so many of the folks we support!

Having the opportunity to be in, and a part of, the community makes a huge difference!

Here’s are just a few of the outcomes we’ve seen:


Increased Communication and Engagement

Our Cultivate Circles give every individual a voice and a choice for what they want to focus on, who they want on their team to help, and how they want to spend their days.

This has led to increased communication, even among folks who some considered non-verbal, along with increased engagement. Individuals are excited to participate in each day’s activities – because they chose them themselves!


Reduction in the number of behavior-related issues

For some individuals, negative behaviors are often the only way they know how to express themselves when they’re feeling unhappy, stressed, or frustrated.

Since we’ve launched our On-the-Go, we’ve seen a significant reduction in the number of behavior-related incidents, and some individuals who were previously on behavior plans no longer need them!

We attribute these results mostly to ensuring that the support we provide is entirely driven by the wants, needs, and goals of the individual themselves! Couple that with spending the day active and engaged in community-based experiences instead of in a day program building, and the outcomes speak for themselves!


Progressive goal achievement

We focus on helping individuals set realistic, attainable goals that can be achieved within a reasonable amount of time. This allows the individual to build on their success, instilling confidence to tackle the next goal on their life journey. We keep repeating this process, and before they know it, when they look back, they can see just how far they’ve come!

At Work and On-the-Go

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