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Open Door Stage & Screen Presents: Metamorphosis

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With one week to showtime, the smiling performers of Open Door Stage & Screen were donning their beautiful nature-inspired hats and practicing different walks, poses, and runway struts.

Kristin Skamfer
Kieran Donovan
Peter Crawford

During the lead up to show night, Cary Johnston, the program’s director, had been keeping a secret.

“We’re saving all of the outfits for the performance,” Cary said. She kept the garments from the public eye because, in her view, the audience needed to be wowed on show night.

Keeping things under wraps proved to be worth the wait. The Metamorphosis fashion show on September 23rd featured runway walks, a stage lined with flowers, and a rising moon with two large moth and butterfly fabric creations draped on either side.

One by one, individuals came down the runway in fabric they selected, an outfit they helped design, and to music they chose.

Tommi Lee closed the show in her white moth with embroidered sleeves, walking to Beyonce’s “Halo.” It was a powerful, theatrical performance that moved the audience.

The show was, in a word, fabulous! Not only was the stage set-up phenomenal, but the group finally got to use new lighting thanks in large part to the efforts of a new staff member, Tony Florentino, and a volunteer, Keith Porter, who happens to be an engineer by trade.

Check out our slideshow recap featuring backstage photos and highlights from the performance!

Individuals participating in our Open Door Stage & Screen program are always learning new things. For this performance, they focused on helping to sew and embroider their own outfits—a collection of beautiful moth, butterfly, and bird-inspired wings and capes—which were on full display for the audience.

“My favorite part was prior to the show, hearing the individuals explain why they were inspired to make what they were wearing,” said Becky Sharp, Open Door’s Chief Executive Director. “One individual came up to me and said, ‘This is the best day ever!’ And they felt that way because they enjoyed participating in the entire production.”

On the night of the performance, the lobby was devoted to volunteer Winnie Xing, whose original dress idea served as inspiration for the show.

A woman posing and smiling

Artwork was also a big part of the show. Performers picked their own inspiration and went for it—the only parameter was to do something inspired by butterflies, moths, or birds. The result was a hallway lined with many one-of-a-kind pieces that added light to the building and also helped bring in donations to support the program.

The impact of these kinds of donations can make a world of difference: new sewing machines, scissors, thread, and tables will go a long way in providing a rewarding experience for the individuals we support.

The group is already excited to start working on their next performance, Mystery at the Snowball Inn, a mystery/comedy show premiering December 9th, which is sure to entertain! We can’t wait to see it!

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