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Open Door Stage and Screen Presents: Fairly Grimm Tales

An open book with fantasy characters jumping out of it.

Step into a world where fairy tales come to life as Stage and Screen actors present their first public show of 2024.


The production will revisit classic Grimms Brothers’ stories such as Little Snow White, The Frog Prince, and The Griffin – but this time, there’s a twist. In this alternate universe, the cast of characters will be challenging the Brothers Grimm to tone down the gore and make the tales only “fairly” grim. Imagine a more lighthearted version of these beloved stories, filled with whimsy and wonder.

Matt Wingert, The Griffin
Kristin Skamfer, The Griffin's Wife

Aaron Mendoza, Open Door Stage and Screen’s Theatrical Coordinator, has taken on the directing role for this production. This position marks his first time collaborating directly with actors who have developmental disabilities. In a heartfelt conversation, Aaron expressed that, “this has been a really fun experience – there are a lot of cool takes from the actors, everyone is so giving and generous with their ideas, and it’s fun for me to come up with ideas alongside them.” Aaron also conveyed great enthusiasm and satisfaction in the process of weaving the wide range of diverse ideas together to produce a cohesive final product.

Although this is Aaron’s first time directing a larger-scale public show for the Open Door Stage and Screen program, he also works as a freelance director, consulting on projects with other theatre organizations in Columbus. With each project, Aaron has honed his skills and gained invaluable experience that now allows him to play a crucial role in shaping the level of professionalism and dedication that the actors bring to the stage. He is the driving force behind the scenes, keeping everyone focused and on track to create something truly magical. He sees himself as the “connective tissue” that brings all the moving parts together to create a cohesive and powerful body of work.

The knowledge that Aaron has gained from his time with Open Door Stage and Screen has equally spilled over into his freelancing work. He has delved into the intricacies of rigging, set design, and costuming, all while being exposed to this whole new world of theatre. Aaron states that his time with this program has been just a “big ball of energy and fun.” He goes on to say that the program is “a chaotic and creative toolbox – there’s so much energy and excitement, there’s never a dull moment.” These moments of pure passion and exhilaration have become some of the most cherished parts of Aaron’s experience working on this show.

Aaron has also enjoyed the overall feeling of excitement with everything that has been added to create the production. Open Door Stage and Screen has had the opportunity to craft a show with unparalleled production value. And it’s all thanks to the incredible team of staff members who have rallied behind the visionary Creative Director, Cary Johnston.

Cary reflected on her collaboration with Aaron with great admiration. She expressed immense joy in witnessing Aaron’s leadership as he stepped in to lead the production. She appreciates the dialogue Aaron is able to have when working with the actors and how he carries out tasks with a remarkable level of kindness. Cary highlighted the joy she experienced in observing someone else breathe new life into the program.

Cary was also sure to acknowledge Aaron’s extensive background in theatre and directing, emphasizing the wealth of experience he brings to the table. She applauded his unique point of view and artistic vision, noting how his individual approach to the creative process significantly contributes to the overall direction and success of a show. Cary’s praise for Aaron’s directorial proficiency underscored the impact he has had on the production and the team as a whole.

Pete Crawford, The Huntsman
Allysha Coffey, The Queen
Matt Stevens, The Mirror

Join us as the talented actors of Stage and Screen lead you through a fantastical world of fanciful fables. From evil queens to enchanted frogs, audiences will be captivated by the charm and creativity of this unique adaptation.

Here’s what some of our actors had to say about their upcoming performance!

“I’m excited to play Snow White because I love princesses and love her costume. It’s fun to play any princess. My boyfriend is playing the handsome prince. I like being his girlfriend on stage and in real life.” – Sara Grutsch, Snow White

“I’m excited. I love to be an actor. It’s like my dream come true on stage. I love to sing and dance and act. Stage and screen is fun! I love staging sets and being with my friends and being with my girlfriend.” – Bobby Zimmerman, The Handsome Prince

“My name is Steve Segal and I am playing one of the Grimms Brothers. I am very excited to be in the show. My favorite part is all of the different stories, especially Snow White. I also just moved into Supported Community Living (SCL) – I love Open Door.” – Steve Segal, Grimms Brother

Check out our slideshow below for a behind the scenes look!

Don’t miss your chance to experience these timeless stories in a whole new light. Grab your tickets now and prepare to be transported to a world where anything is possible!

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