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Open Door Direct Support Professional (DSP) is Recognized as a Finalist for 2023 National Ceca Award

Congratulations to Emmanuel “Manny” Asare for being recognized as a finalist for the 2023 National Ceca Award!

Manny was nominated for this award by his client, Matthew “Matt” Beaver, Matt’s mother, Linda Childs, and Open Door Columbus Social Services Assistant, Jessica Bond.

 Manny has been a valuable employee of Open Door Columbus in 2019 and has continued to make a positive impact throughout his time at our organization. Most recently, he assumed a leadership role at our Holyoke Supported Community Living location, further demonstrating his commitment to helping others. Manny’s dedication and the strong bond he has formed with Matt have brought about remarkable transformations in Matt’s life, fostering trust and growth along the way.

In the nomination letter written by Matt and Linda, Linda wrote, “Manny is patient, calm and fair… our lives and Matt’s demeaner have improved markedly since Manny has been Matt’s house lead and primary care giver.” She emphasized the friendship and working relationship both her and Matt have developed with Manny, considering them apart of their family. She also praised Manny for his observation and guidance in helping navigate Matt in a positive direction.

Manny is not just a valuable asset to Matthew and his family, but to our organization as well.

Manny’s unwavering devotion to his clients and the organization has been evident to Jessica, who works closely with him. It is this deep connection that led her to believe that there is absolutely no one more deserving of being nominated for this prestigious award than Manny.

When speaking about Manny, Jess said, “he is such a selfless person and truly has the heart this field needs. He does not hesitate to fill in shifts just to ensure that the client [Matt] does not have to worry about someone unfamiliar being in his home and it helps to keep the client from having behaviors. Manny does not hesitate to do anything or go anywhere, he truly shows what Inspiring Life Journeys is all about.”

When Manny was presented with the certificate of nomination, his client Matt made sure to express his gratitude by sharing a few words of appreciation – “Manny is like a dad that I don’t have anymore. He never, well, rarely ever, says ‘no.’ Being with this company [with Manny’s help], I have done more good than I have ever done before.”


Ceca is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, with a mission to “improve the human experience in healthcare by providing a highly affordable recognition solution tailored to healthcare providers, using its innovative software, network, managed services, and cash awards.” Ceca partners with healthcare communities of all sizes throughout the nation to recognize their exceptional caregivers.

Read the full press release for the 2023 National Ceca Award here!

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