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Open Door Board of Directors

Open Door Board of Directors

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Recruiting New Members is a Big Goal for 2022

One of our organization’s goals for 2022 is to build leadership infrastructure and one of the many ways we can do this is by continuing to develop our Open Door Board of Directors. This year, we’d like to set them up for success by focusing on board training, development, and finding more ways for members to engage in advancement of our overall objectives.

Perhaps most importantly, our board and leadership team agreed that we need to recruit more members. We currently have three potential open seats on the board; to fill those positions we want to put an emphasis on recruiting new members that can add more board diversity. We’re interested in folks with a variety of work experiences and backgrounds, including in the medial field, media, public relations, and people with knowledge of our field. We also want to give those we support a voice by having an individual with disabilities join our board.

“Diversity of all kinds is key for any organization to grow and thrive,” said Conner Brintlinger, who is entering his third year on the board. “But it’s also critical in our approach to continue improving as an organization to ensure that we are constantly providing the best services to those we serve.”

As a government affairs professional, Conner uses the skills and relationships he’s acquired over his professional career to continue raising awareness about our field and introducing policy makers and influencers to the work that Open Door is doing in the DD community. He’s proud to have been part of the team that pursued recent rebranding efforts for our organization, and for hosting a fundraiser this Fall at Open Door Art Studio.

Conner also has a personal connection to the field. His grandmother was the primary caregiver for her sister and niece, both born with development disabilities. Growing up, Conner spent considerable time them. He recalls that they were enrolled in a work program through a local nonprofit, similar to Open Door. “I can remember how much that work and responsibility meant to and affected my great-aunt and cousin on a daily basis. I also remember the respite it provided my grandmother, their primary caregiver.”

Conner has used his personal and professional interests to make a difference in the community, something that all our board members strive towards. Our board is currently made up of eight committed individuals with a wide variety of impressive backgrounds, including attorneys, financial and real estate professionals, experts in the field of developmental disabilities, and family members who represent the people we support.

Continuing to recruit dedicated board members who bring their own unique skill sets, perspectives, and expertise will not only strengthen our organization but, more importantly, it will continue to advance our mission of inspiring the life journeys of people with disabilities.

Do you know someone who might be interested in board service? You can now apply online! Check out our website to learn more about the functions and requirements for Open Door board members.

Open Door

Open Door is a Columbus-based nonprofit provider for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our mission and vision are to inspire life journeys and cultivate valued roles for all people. What door can we open for you?


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