Inclusion Specialist

Columbus, OH

Job Description

Make a crucial difference in the lives of others and start an exciting career as an Inclusion Specialist with Open Door!

We’re seeking a dedicated and caring person to join our Career Activity & Community (CAC) team that supports adults with disabilities and inspires life journeys in central Ohio!

Every person we support has dreams, aspirations, and talents that they bring to the table. At Open Door, our goal is to provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the care they need to live their best lives.

Our Inclusion Specialist will support folks in our CAC day program in one-on-one and group settings by:

  • Providing direct care
  • Engaging in fun activities
  • Assisting with skill development
  • Building bonds with the community

The work we do is rewarding—you can help inspire someone’s life journey and have FUN at your job!


  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to participate and pass the Medication Administration Course.
  • Must pass the National Driving Safety Course.
  • Must pass the DODD Certification training for Adult Day Service requirements.

Key Duties

The following duties are the primary duties associated with this position, however this position does require additional tasks as assigned that are necessary and appropriate to enhance and normalize the lives of individuals.

  • Participates and encourages participant-direction, choice, and person-centered supports
  • Reports all maintenance Issues, Accidents, and Vehicle damage per Open Door policy to Risk Management through the A&I Reporting process
  • Completes all route, driving, and vehicle documentation in writing and electronically required for billing and payroll reasons. Ensures all billing documentation is complete and accurate.  MUST submit route sheets daily to department manager for audit.
  • Coordinates services designed to help individuals advance on their path to community employment by daily outings where the individuals choose based on interest where to volunteer/spend the day.
  • Identifies, organizes, and participates in Vocational Habilitation (Voc/Hab) services that provide learning and work experiences, including volunteer work, where the individuals develop general skills to lead to competitive integrated employment such as the ability to effectively communicate with supervisors, co-workers, and customers, generally accepted community workplace conduct and dress, the ability to follow directions, ect.
  • Identifies, organizes and participates in Adult Day Support with the expected outcome of building community membership consistent with the individuals interests, preferences, goals, and outcomes, that develops and maintains a meaningful social life, increases problem-solving skills, personal care, behavioral, communication and mobility skills that ensure participation in community life, training in self-determination, recreation and leisure supports from the ISP that are therapeutic rather than diversionary, assists persons to maintain social relationships and family relationship, and self-medication and health related activities.
  • Responsible for ensuring community activities are being offered and individuals are encouraged to participate based on their choice and interest.
  • Communicates with team on all opportunities to support individual interest and choice.
  • Networking to various community businesses, activity centers and other leisure resources
  • Job coaching and maintaining of waiver individuals who are on retention in Franklin and Union counties.
  • Completes “Skills to pay the bills” classes weekly. At least 2 classes per week.
  • Completes activity coordination to meet person-centered plans, as assigned.
  • Completes supports for employment plans, as assigned.
  • Completes New Driver Training, completes Defensive Driving Course, Competency Tests, and continued Education through the Transportation Department
  • Assists with all direct care services to participants including personal care, toileting, meal preparation, feeding, transferring and all aspects of the IPP/ISP
  • Maintains GPS and billing documentation for assigned routes
  • Utilizes all routing / Optimization software
  • Maintains equipment in working order and ensures vehicles and fueled and cleaned appropriately
  • Accepts schedule changes and vehicle changes due to individual needs
  • Responsible for the transportation of participants for all transportation contracts as assigned.
  • Responsible for submitting gas card receipts per use
  • Accurately follows emergency procedures on the road to ensure safety of all individuals
  • Must carry out all reasonable assignments including signing job descriptions, corrective actions, training records and evaluations.
  • Must present a positive appearance and customer-service approach with all stakeholders when providing transportation services.
  • Takes and follows directions from Dispatcher and supervisor
  • Acts as a back-up for other divisions when direct care coverage is needed

Pay Range:

Starting at $14.50 per hour


Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:00pm, or 7:30am-3:30pm


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