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Fall Exhibitions Ramp Up at Open Door Art Studio

A man in a wheelchair with artwork

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It’s been a busy Fall for the artists and staff at Open Door Art Studio & Gallery! Below are a few exhibitions we’ve been involved in:

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Accessible Expressions Ohio

In September, the studio hosted Accessible Expressions Ohio, a prestigious statewide exhibition and tour of 2D and 3D art by Ohio artists with disabilities. It’s designed to change perceptions and raise awareness by presenting a show in inclusive settings, like our art studio!

Every year we submit our artists’ work for the Accessible Expressions Ohio exhibition. Hosting this year was a perfect opportunity for the artists we support to not only have their works on display for a large audience but also to meet other artists from around the state that were accepted into the exhibition.

A man in a wheelchair with a piece of art


The studio’s attention now shifts to their next creative in-house exhibition—FANART!

“Everyone is in full production mode. We are creating, organizing, and cataloguing a ton of artwork,” said Claire Smith, Program Coordinator at Open Door Art Studio & Gallery.

She added, “This exhibition will be huge!”

FANART features works inspired by pop culture icons—everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to New Kids on the Block.

The concept for FANART came from one of our artists, Sara Barton, who recognized that there are a lot of artists at our art studio who like to draw anime and use references from popular movies and TV shows.

Sara is an ultimate anime fan who has been honing her own personal style since she started at the studio and continues to make characters that are uniquely hers.

FANART will feature works from Sara and a wide variety of artists we support, including:

  • Kieran Donovan, who likes to make mashups of characters celebrating holidays
  • Lucas Miller, who creates scenes that incorporate characters from different universes into his own world—including the likes of Harry Potter, Obi wan Kenobi and My Little Pony
  • Mark Henderson, who has put his own personal spin on The Loony Toons crew
  • Drew Dittman, who uses strong linework and bold colors to leave his mark on his favorite animated series, like Angry Birds, Secret Life of Pets, and Indiana Jones

The opening reception for FANART is Saturday, October 8th from 5-7pm! Get free tickets here and check our slideshow with some of the many great works featured in FANART!

This exhibition has been generously sponsored by Leah Ackerman | Cutler Real Estate.

Role Reversal

FANART comes after the recent success of Role Reversal, an exhibition that was curated entirely by Open Door artists and featured artwork created by Open Door staff.

“We loved the concept of this exhibition because it offered an opportunity for our artists to immerse themselves in the behind-the-scenes world of the arts,” said Sean Moore, the studio’s Program Director.

The staff and artists had a conversation about things to look for when curating and what might look good together, including how to group pieces that had similar colors and how to create flow.

When the show had been placed, staff and artists went around the studio to measure, mark, and hang the pieces. “Some of the time I thought to myself, ‘I wouldn’t have done it that way, but I liked it better than what I was thinking!’” Claire said.

The artists’ opinions made the show extra special, and their insight and curiosity about the staff’s work made the experience a lot of fun for all the staff.

We’re inspired by the passion and creativity of the artists we support and can’t wait to continue sharing their wonderful pieces with the community!

Meet Our Artists

Check out our artist profiles to see all the amazing work done at Open Door Art Studio & Gallery!

Open Door

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