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Voluntary Long-Term Disability Insurance

The Lincoln Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan At-A-Glance

  • Provides a cash benefit after you are out of work for 180 days or more due to injury, illness, or surgery.
  • Features group rates for Open Door employees.
  • Includes EmployeeConnect services, which give you and your family access to counselors as well as personal, legal, and financial assistance.

Long-Term Disability Coverage

Monthly benefit amount60% of your monthly salary, limited to $5,000 per month
Elimination period180 days
Coverage period for your occupation24 days
Maximum coverage periodUp to age 65 or Social Security Normal Retirement Age (SSNRA), whichever is later

Elimination Period

This is the number of days you must be disabled before you can collect disability benefits.

The 180-day elimination period can be met through either total disability (out of work entirely) or partial disability (working with a reduced schedule or performing different types of duties).

Coverage Period for Your Occupation

This is the coverage period for the trade or profession in which you were employed at the time of your disability (also known as your own occupation).

You may be eligible to continue receiving benefits if your disability prohibits you from any employment for which you are reasonably suited through your training, education, and experience. In this case, your benefits are extended through the end of your maximum coverage period.

Maximum Coverage Period

This is the total amount of time you can collect disability benefits (also known as the benefit duration).

Benefits are limited to 24 months for mental illness; 24 months for substance abuse.

Pre-Existing Condition

If you have a medical condition that begins before your coverage takes effect, and you receive treatment for this condition within three months leading up to your coverage start date, you may not be eligible for benefits for that condition until you have been covered by the plan for 12 months.

Per Pay Rates

Semi-monthly Premiums for Voluntary Long-Term Disability Insurance

$___________________ X __ ___ = $_________________________
monthly salary premium rate semi-monthly premium

Age RangePremium Factor
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