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Vision Plan Summary

Vision Plan Summary

Eye Examinations

Eye Examination100% ofter $10 copayUp to $40 reimbursement

Eyeglass Lenses

Single vision100% after $10 copayUp to $40 reimbursement
Bifocal100% after $10 copayUp to $60 reimbursement
Trifocal100% after $10 copayUp to $80 reimbursement
Lenticular100% after $10 copayUp to $80 reimbursement

Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglass FramesUp to $130 allowanceUp to $45 reimbursement

Contact Lenses

Covered Contact Lens Selection100% after $10 copayUp to $125 reimbursement
Other contact lens optionsUp to $125 reimbursementUp to $125 reimbursement
Medically necessary contact lenses100% after $10 copayUp to $210 reimbursement

How Often?

Eye ExaminationEvery 12 months
Eyeglass lenses OR contact lensesEvery 12 months
Eyeglass framesEvery 12 months

Per Pay Rates (Semi-Monthly)

CoverageSemi-Monthly Premium
Employee Only$3.15
Employee & Spouse$5.96
Employee & Child(ren)$7.00
Employee & Family$9.85

Other Plan Discounts

Eyeglass Lens Option DiscountsAmount
– Standard scratch coatingNo charge
– Scratch warranty$10
– Tint$14
– UV coating$16
– Photochromic$67
– Standard anti-reflective coating$40
– Premium anti-reflective coating$80
– Platinum anti-reflective coating$90
– Roll and polish edges$13
– Standard progressive$70
– Deluxe progressive$110
– Premium progressive$150
– Platinum progressive$250
– High index (1.66 or lower)$53
– High index (1.67-1.73)$63
– Polycarbonate$33
– Polycarbonate for dependents under the age of 19No charge
Other Discounts
– Additional eyeglasses and contact lensesUp to 20%
– Mail order contact lenses10%

Plan Features

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Coverage

  • Lincoln VisionConnect members are supported through the Spectera vision network. When you visit your eye care provider, let the office know you are a Spectera customer to make the most of your in-network provider benefits.
  • To find a Spectera vision network provider close to work or home, call 1-800-440-8453 or locate a provider in a few easy steps:
    • Visit lvc.lfg.com. On the left side of the page, use the Provider Quick Search.
    • In the Provider Quick Search box, enter a zip code or street address.
    • Click the Search button to display a list of providers near you.
  • If you choose an out-of-network provider, you pay the provider in full and submit a claim for reimbursement of covered services and products.
  • Lincoln’s exclusive in-network partnership with Warby Parker llets employees use their annual allowances to purchase eyeglasses and/or contact lenses from this convenient online and retail vendor.

Covered Contact Lens Selection

  • Lincoln VisionConnect gives you the option to choose contact lenses instead of eyeglass lenses.
  • Lincoln VisionConnect features a Covered Contact Lens Selection benefit.
  • This benefit covers fitting and evaluation fees, up to four boxes of contact lenses (depending on the prescription), and two follow-up visits.
  • To view your current covered contact lens choices*, visit lvc.lfg.com or call 1-800-440-8453.
  • The Covered Contact Lens Selection is not available at Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, or Warby Parker locations.

*The Covered Contact Lens Selection is subject to change.
** Discounts subject to change.

Your eye doctor’s prescribed wearing schedule may affect replacement frequency.

Other Contact Lens Options

  • A $125 allowance is provided for all other contact lenses, as well as for contact lenses purchased at Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, or Warby Parker with no copay.
    • This allowance does not include the cost of a fittingevaluation or follow-up.

Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

  • Contact lenses are considered “medically necessary” at the discredtion of the eye care provider and are covered at 100% (after a low copay) when you choose a network provider.

Eyeglass Frames

  • Lincoln VisionConnect provides a $130 retail frame allowance. This covers many of today’s popular eyeglass frames.
  • If the cost of the frames you choose exceeds $130, you simply pay the remaining balance (which includes a discount of up to 30% at participating providers).

Preferred Pricing on Laser Vision Correction

  • Free LASIK consultation with in-network providers.
  • Convenient access to experienced LASIK surgeons at more than 900 locations nationwide.
  • Flexible 0% financing options available to qualified applicants.
  • For more information, visit vision.qualsight.com or call 855-250-2020.

Covered Family Members

When you choose coverage for yourself, you can also provide coverage for:

  • Your spouse.
  • Dependent children, up to age 26.

Wellness Benefits – Maternity Benefit and Children’s Eye Care Program

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, and children up to age 13 receive additional coverage for each service frequency period:

  • A second eye exam, after any applicable co-pay.
  • A new pair of glasses, including frames and lenses (if the prescription changes .5 diopter or greater).

Online Vision Tools

Convenient online services and information

As a Lincoln VisionConnect member, you get convenient online access to vision plan information and services. Visit lvc.lfg.com to choose from a variety of tools that help make it easy to use your vision benefits.

  • Find a provider
  • Learn more about how to use your vision benefits
  • See what eyewear is best for you
  • Discover contact lense and LASIK discounts
  • Register for an online member acount to review your benefits, print an ID card, and more

Register in three easy steps

Register by going to lvc.lfg.com. On the left-hand side of the home page, select Register Now. On the registration page:

  1. Enter your subscriber ID (if known) or the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  2. Enter your personal and contact information. Use the exact name used to enroll, including applicable full first names, maiden names, hyphens, and suffixes.
  3. Choose your unique user name, password, and a four digit PIN. Select Create to finalize your account setup.

If you have problems registering, contact Customer Service at 800-440-8453.


Call 800-423-2765 and mention Group ID: CLMBSCENT2.

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