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What is RetireMEDiQ?

RetireMEDiQ Program is designed to guide you through the transition to Medicare coverage upon retirement

RetireMEDiQ delivers relevant, personalized communications and offers access to exclusive online resources. Their program provides you with readily available expert advice, access to health plans, and dedicated lifelong support. These services are available at no cost to you.

What other benefits does RetireMEDiQ deliver?

Benefit Advisors

Meet one-on-one with a licensed Benefit Advisor about your Medicare plan options. Real people with real answers are available to support you, whether you have questions about Medicare, early retirement, plan options, cost savings, or enrollment.

Access to Health Care Plans

When you have questions about your Medicare options, call us at 1-877-268-2863. Our licensed Benefit Advisors will consider your doctors and prescriptions to provide plan recommendations that fit your health care needs – and your budget.

Lifelong Support

When you trust RetireMEDiQ with your retirement insurance, we serve you for life! Our Client Services team provides year-round support including expert advice, help resolving claims and billing issues, assistance with annual plan renewals, and cost-savings analysis.

How to Sign Up

Provide RetireMEDiQ with your email address by visiting retiremediq.com/b7.

Once you finish this step, you will receive a Welcome email. You can complete your online profile by selecting topics of interest, as well as customizing how often you’d like communications delivered to your inbox. we are excited to guide you on your journey to Medicare – we are committed to supporting you every step of the way!

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