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Extended Payment Program for Long Term Medications

Paying for long-term medications

The Extended Payment Program from Express Scripts, Inc. can make it easier to pay for 90-day supplies* of
long-term prescription drugs when you order them through mail order. This program offers:

  • Shipment of your full 90-day supply after the first payment
  • The option of paying your cost-share** in three equal monthly installments
  • Automatic charges to the credit or debit card*** of your choice
  • A payment schedule provided with your first prescription order
  • No additional “convenience” fee

Please note: Once selected, Express Scripts will apply the Extended Payment Program to all mail-order prescriptions for all covered members in your household.

To learn more about the Extended Payment Program, call the Rx Information number on your health plan member identification (ID) card or log in to My Health Plan at MedMutual.com/Member. Click Benefits & Coverage, then Prescription Drug Benefits. Once you are securely re-directed to the Express Scripts website, click the following links:

  • Click the Account tab, then Payment Methods
  • Click the Edit Information button
  • Click Extended Payment Program and follow the instructions

Please note:

  • If you decide to cancel your participation, you will be responsible for paying all amounts due for your current prescriptions.
  • If Express Scripts ends the Extended Payment Program, you will continue to be charged the monthly amounts for prescriptions currently in the program until they are paid off. New prescriptions will require payment in full when you order them.

Example: Using the Extended Payment Program

A member’s cost share for a 90-day supply is $300

How it’s dividedAmount
Payment 1, paid at the time of order. All medication is shipped.$100
Payment 2, paid approximately 30 days after initial shipment$100
Payment 3, paid approximately 60 days after initial shipment$100
Total of all three payments$300

* The actual quantity and/or days’ supply may vary for each medication. Your doctor’s instructions on how to take the medication, state and federal dispensing guidelines, or how the medication is packaged may impact the quantity you can receive.

** Members with a high-deductible health plan can use the Extended Payment Program to divide the full discounted price of a medication over three equal payments until meeting their deductible.

***Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) debit cards cannot be used for the Extended Payment Program.

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