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Accident Insurance

The Lincoln Group Accident Insurance Plan At-A-Glance

  • Provides cash benefits if you or a covered family member is accidentally injured while off the job.
  • Features group rates for Open Door employees.
  • Benefits are focused on the family, safety, and accident prevention.

Emergency Treatment Cash Benefit

Air ambulance$1,500
Emergency care$200
X-ray (within 60 days of the accident)$40 at initial visit
Initial care visit$100
Major diagnostic exam$200

Fractures* Cash Benefit

Fingers, toes$50
Ankle, arm (elbow to wrist), elbow, foot (except toes), hand (except fingers), kneecap, rib, shoulder blade, vertebral process, wrist$250
Coccyx, collarbone, lower jaw, sternum$300
Arm (shoulder to elbow), bones of the face, nose, upper jaw$500
Leg (knee to ankle), pelvis, skull non-depressed, vertebral body$1,000
Hip, leg (hip to knee)$1,500
Skull depressed$2,000
Surgical treatment2x nonsurgical benefit
Chip fracture25% of fracture benefit
*Fracture benefits listed are nonsurgical. Treatment for the fracture must occur within 90 days of the accident. The combined maximum for all fractures is two times the highest fracture payable.

Dislocations* Cash Benefit

Fingers, toes$50
Collarbone (acromio and separation), elbow, hand (except fingers) lower jaw, shoulder, wrist$250
Ankle, collarbone (sternoclavicular), foot (except toes)$500
Knee (except kneecap)$1,000
Surgical treatment2x nonsurgical benefit
Partial dislocation25% of dislocation benefit
*Dislocation benefits listed are nonsurgical. Treatment for the dislocation must occur within 90 days of the accident. The combined maximum for all dislocations is two times the highest dislocation payable.

Specific Injuries Cash Benefit

Blood, plasma, platelets$500
2nd or 3rd-degree burns: based upon surface area burned$150-$15,000
Skin grafts25% of burn benefit
Dental crown$2,00
Dental extraction$100
Eye (surgical repair)$400
Eye (removal of foreign object)$200
Laceration: based upon the need for and length of sutures$50-$600
Traumatic brain injury$7,500
Surgical benefits:*
– Arthroscopic
– Cranial
– Hernia
– Thoracic/open abdominal
– Ligaments, tendons, rotator cuff
– Knee cartilage
– Ruptured disc
– Surgical repair under general anesthesia
– Surgical repair under conscious sedation

*Benefits will be paid up to two times the highest surgical benefit payable for all surgeries.

Hospitalization and Ongoing Care Cash Benefit

Accident hospital admission$1,000
Accident intensive care admission$1,500
Accident hospital daily confinement$200
Accident intensive care daily confinement$400
Alternative care/rehab facility daily confinement$150
Physician follow-up visits (up to 2 visits)$75
Physical, occupational, and chiropractic therapy (up to 6 sessions)$35
Epidural/cortisone pain management (up to 1 injection)$75
Medical mobility devices$75
Wheelchair (expected use less than one year)$150
Wheelchair (expected use one year or more)$300
Prothesis (per limb)$750

Recovery Assistance Cash Benefit

Family care$100
Companion lodging (100+ miles from home)$200 per night, up to 30 nights
Transportation (100+ miles from home)$400 per trip, up to three trips

Moving Vehicle Cash Benefit

Moving vehicle injury$100
Moving vehicle death$2,500
Safe driver injury/death: seat beltAdditional 25% of motor vehicle injury or death benefit
Safe driver injury/death: air bagAdditional 25% of motor vehicle injury or death benefit
Safe driver injury/death: motor vehicle helmetAdditional 25% of motor vehicle injury or death benefit
Safe rider: other helmet (bicycle, scooter, skateboard, etc.)$100

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Cash Benefit

Accidental death
– Your death
– Your spouse or life partner
– Your child

Common carrier death
– Your death
– Your spouse or life partner
– Your child
A common carrier is any land, air, or water conveyance licensed to transport passengers for hire.
Transportation of remains$5,000
Loss of hand, foot, arm, leg, eye, or hearing in one ear$5,000
Loss of finger, thumb, toe$250
Severe loss (loss of sight in both eyes, loss of hearing in both ears, loss of speech, loss of both arms, loss of both legs, loss of arm and leg, paraplegia, loss of both arms and both legs, quadriplegia)$10,000
Education: This benefit is paid in an insured person dies within 365 days of a covered accident and is survived by one or more full-time students.
The education benefit is payable for each full-time student.
10% of Accidental death benefit
Spouse training: This benefit is paid if a covered employee or dependent spouse dies within 365 days of a covered accident and the surviving spouse is enrolled as a student.
The spouse training benefit covers students enrolled in any school that retrains or refreshes skills needed for employment within 365 days from the date of death.
10% of Accidental death benefit
Modification to home/auto: This benefit is payable for modifications to make the principal residence accessible or the vehicle ridable if the insured suffers a severe loss.
This benefit is payable once per person within 365 days of the accident.

Health Assessment Benefit

You receive a cash benefit every year you and any of your covered family members complete a single covered assessment test $50

Additional Plan Benefits

Child Sports Injury BenefitIncluded

Per Pay Rates

As an Open Door employee, you can take advantage of this accident insurance plan for less than $0.38 a day. Plus, you can add loved ones to the plan for just a little more.

Semi-monthly Premiums for Accident Insurance

Accident CoverageSemi-Monthly Premium
Employee only$5.67
Employee & spouse$9.59
Employee & child/children$10.98
Employee & family$14.46
Note: The premiums for this coverage will not change due to your age. The premium for employee & child/children and employee & family coverage includes all children.
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