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9.08 – Payroll


  • The Human Resources Department is charged with the responsibility of maintaining personnel files on employees. Please refer to Human Resources Policy & Procedures 2.01.3 – Employee Records and Referrals.
  • The Accounting Department will maintain a payroll-specific file for each employee that will contain the following:
    • Date of employment
    • Position, pay rate, employment status, benefits classification, and changes therein
    • Authorization of payroll deductions including Cafeteria 125, etc.
    • Earnings records for non-active employees
    • W-4 and state tax withholding authorizations
    • Termination data, when applicable
  • All personnel records are to be kept in a locked file cabinet or a locked office/storage room in the Accounting Department. Access to these files other than by authorized personnel should be requested in writing to the Finance Manager.

Payroll Preparation and Timekeeping

  • Timekeeping procedures will be adhered to by all employees as per each department’s Standard of Practice pertaining to timekeeping.
  • The Payroll bookkeeper will prepare and process the payroll submission. The information reported should include:
    • Hours worked, by cost center
    • Changes in pay rates or employment status
    • Vacation, sick, personal hours, or additional employee designated paid days off used and earned, and buyback based on appropriate form
    • Amount paid out for each pay code
    • A list of FT employees that did not meet their employment status for that pay period.
  • The Payroll Bookkeeper should review the payroll summary page of the payroll report for inappropriate pay rates or unusual hours.
  • Payroll should be submitted for direct deposit by the second Wednesday following the end of the previous pay period. Pay stubs are automatically synced to upload to employee portal.
  • All employees are required to participate in direct deposit of their paycheck to their personal bank account (savings and/or checking). Open Door will not provide manual checks for more than 2 consecutive pay periods.
  • Pay will be deposited on the second Friday following the previous pay period. Please refer to Human Resources Policy & Procedure 2.05.1 – Pay Practices & Work Schedules.
  • The Payroll Bookkeeper is not permitted to process their own payroll. The Finance Manager will process the payroll and get the Director of Finance to sign off on the payroll before submission.
  • Payroll is released to the bank by two personnel; the payroll bookkeeper and the Finance Manager to ensure proper controls. In their absence, the Director of Finance will serve as the second personnel.
  • Each approved accounting personnel is assigned a token device from the bank. These Tokens may not be shared. Each personnel must utilize their own individual device.
  • Any payroll correction resulting in a payroll run after payday must be approved by the Director of Finance.

Taxes and Disbursements:

  • All payroll taxes must be paid on the day of payroll (payroll paid date).
  • Child support and all mandated garnishments are to be paid within one business day after payroll is complete.
  • Employee retirement contributions must be uploaded and submitted within one business day.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 10/4/23

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