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9.06 – Consultants and Contracts


Contracts with consultants will include rate and schedule of pay, deliverables, time frame, and other information such as work plan. Justification for payment should be submitted to file. Consultant contracts will be reviewed and signed by the CEO or Associate Director.


Contracts for purchasing products or services, similar to a purchase order, should be created and maintained for the file whenever appropriate. All contracts to exceed $10,000 over the course of the year should be approved by the CEO.

Requirements and Regulations Concerning Consultants

Depending on the nature of the services provided by the contractor or consultant, Open Door may require the contractor or consultant to provide documentation including licenses, proof of training, etc. in order to provide or continue to provide contract services. This documentation may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Current license (professional, drivers, etc.)
  • Proof of liability insurance coverage (auto, business)
  • Copy of physical
  • Tuberculosis skin test (initial and/or manual)
  • Proof of annual Universal Precautions/Infection Control services
  • Signed Hepatitis B Vaccine Declaration Form
  • Signed occupational Exposure Notification Form
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • W9 Direct Deposit Information if ACH transactions are preferred

Notification will be mailed to consultants annually and they will be given a minimum of 30 days to comply. An updated list of Vendors, Contracts and Consultants is held in the CEO’s office and is updated annually.

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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