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9.05 – Accounting Data Backup and Recovery

It is the policy of Open Door to ensure that all critical computer and application data is backed up on a continuous basis and stored securely at both a physical location and to a cloud-based level 4 data center nightly. This policy will comply with CARF standards and any applicable local, state, and federal laws pertaining to data storage and encryption including, but not limited to federal business financial regulations and standards, Internal Revenue Service codes, and HIPPA.

Procedure for Data Backup

  • All data from the servers physically located at Open Door will be incrementally saved on the Continuity 247 servers and then backed up to a cloud-based level 4 data center.
  • Daily Backups
    • The inter-daily backups are compressed nightly into a daily backup.
    • Daily backups are kept for a period of seven days.
    • Daily images are kept for a period of fifteen days.  
  • Monthly Backup
    •  Monthly images are kept for 12 months. 
  • Daily Backups Offsite
    • All off-site cloud-based backups are duplicates of on-site backups. They are stored remotely in the cloud by a level 4 data center.

Procedure for Data Recovery

  • Open Door has two physical host servers for the VMware Virtual Server environment on location in the server room at 540 Industrial Mile Road. These two VMware Hosts have 10 virtualized Windows servers functioning as follows:
    • CCHS-SQL1: This server hosts legacy Time Force app data.
    • CCHS-SQL2: Microsoft SQL 2008 database management. Advisor, Great Plains, and Laserfiche databases hosted here.
    • CCHSCOLAPP01: This server hosts Primary Solutions Advisor app.
    • CCHS-GP: This server hosts Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains spp.
    • CCHS-FP1: This server houses all user profile drives, shared folders, and printer drivers.
    • CCHS-DC1: This server hosts the “domain controller” and active directory of users and user permissions.
    • CCHS-BACKUP1: This server runs the Laserfische applications for document management and forms.  
    • CCHS-EXCHANGE1: This server is a backup for the domain controller. Exchange email was moved into the Microsoft Office 365 email cloud solution for non-profit organizations.
    • CCHS-REMOTE1: This server is used for Open Door employees outside of the Industrial Mile Road location to remote in to run the Advisor application.
    • CCHS-VCENTE1: This server is used to manage the VMware environment including the 2 Server Hosts and all virtual Windows servers.
  • If one of the virtualized servers in unable to function, the onsite device is designed to function as a backup server.
  • Functions of the disabled server are designed to resume within two hours during routine business hours/days.
  • In the event that both the Open Door servers are rendered unusable due to natural disaster, fire, flooding, theft, etc., the off-site cloud-based level 4 system would allow for full system recovery within 12 hours.
    • Business downtime is expected to be less than one business day.
    • While some data is expected to be lost, all data backed up from the previous day’s incremental backup should be restored. Therefore, only one day of productivity should be lost.

Data Backup and Recovery on Individual User Workstations

  • Effective January 1, 2013, it is the policy of Open Door to require that employees save all documents in the provided user profile drive. This drive is located on the server and follows the above outlined data backup and recovery strategies.
  • Therefore, if an individual’s workstation is lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise rendered unusable, the policy of the Information Technology Department is to provide a replacement workstation the same day from the reserved stock of workstations on the same day. When no immediate replacement is available, the workstation will be replaced within three to five business days.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 10/4/23

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