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8.09 – Open Door Adult Day Services


Open Door provides adult day support, vocational habilitation, career services and non-medical transportation (5123:2-9-15). These services are designed to help an individual who is not eligible to receive educational services to be as independent and safe as possible and to be a contributing member of his/her community. These services must be provided in a non-residential place separate from the home in which the individual lives.

Career and Activity Center

Consistent with 5123:2-9-17, the Career Activity Center (CAC) is dedicated to inspiring life journeys. CAC offers personalized plans and services through:

  • Assisting individuals on a path to employment.
  • Finding, obtaining, and providing supports for employment in community settings.
  • Providing learning and work experiences.
  • Providing various volunteer opportunities in community.
  • Building community memberships and relationships.
  • Creating connections for friendships.
  • Establishing partnerships in the community.
  • Providing and supporting access to integrated community programs though events, civic groups, volunteer opportunities, activities, and clubs.
  • Developing new skills, experiences, and a sense of independence though:
    • Exploring creativity and art
    • Enjoying a multi-sensory experience in the sensory space
    • Developing a “green thumb” through nature activities in the greenhouse
    • Playing sports and games in the multi-purpose gymnasium
    • Learning about exercise in the movement space
    • Enhancing cooking skills in the kitchen

Career Services

The Career Services program is dedicated to building career opportunities and dependable partnerships. Career Services provides job development, training, and follow-up for individuals seeking a job and employers seeking dependable employees. We believe that integrated community employment is mutually beneficial, enhances diversity and inclusion, ensures financial security, and provides stability for today’s ever-changing workplaces.

Open Door Art Studio

Open Door Art Studio (ODAS) is a visual arts studio located in Grandview that offers a program of adult day support with an emphasis on art as a career. ODAS provides artists with disabilities an opportunity to collaborate with both professional and volunteer artists. Each artist is provided with individualized education and mentoring to further develop their skills and help them reach their full potential.

Non-Medical Transportation

Non-medical transportation means transportation that is used by waiver enrollees solely to access adult day support, vocational habilitation, and individual employment services as specified by their individual service plan (ISP). 5123:2-9-18 (B) (9).

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 9/13/21

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