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8.08 – Active Treatment

Guiding Principle

Individuals living at ICF will receive continuous active treatment which will focus on:

  • The acquisition of functional skills and behaviors to promote independence, self-determination and community participation.
  • The maintenance of current skills and prevention of skill regression.
  • Supports that assist to maintain skills that are lost due to the natural aging process.
  • A meaningful respect for individual self-directions, interests, choices and personal growth.

Individual Program Plans

  • Each individual residing at ICF will have a Person Centered Plan specifically designed to meet their interests, preferences, choices and personal goals for the future. This plan will be developed by the individual and significant others in coordination with an interdisciplinary team. A QIDP will oversee the development and implementation of the person centered plan and supports.
  • The Person Centered Plan will outline services and supports that will be provided to the individual based on needs as determined by Comprehensive Functional Assessments and based on individual choice.
  • The Person Centered Plan will be revised at least annually and will be reviewed periodically throughout the year as needed.

Individual Program Plan Implementation

Strategies employed will include:

  • Program Training Plans: An individualized Program Training Plan (PTP) will be written for each priority training area as determined by the team. This written plan will provide a consistent methodology for the employees to follow in training the individual to learn a new skill or maintain a current skill. Documentation for PTPs will be collected on electronic documentation software.
  • Behavior Support Strategies: Individualized Behavior Strategies will be developed for behaviors targeted for modification by the team. This plan will provided consistent instructions for employees to support the individual in modifying their behavior. Documentation will be collected on electronic documentation software.
  • Active Treatment Schedules: An Active Treatment Schedule (ATS) will be developed for each person to ensure they are receiving continuous habilitation through planned and impromptu opportunities. 
  • Training on Active Treatment:
    • Employees will be trained on the concepts of active treatment and the Person Centered Planning process during their initial orientation period.
    • Employees will be trained on each person’s PTP and ATS as they are developed and revised.
    • Ongoing training needs will be monitored to ensure accurate and consistent implementation of the Person Centered Plan.

IPP Monitoring

  • Data collection for these training strategies will be reviewed periodically by the QIDP to ensure implementation according to the Person Centered Plan. A monthly review training program will also be completed by the QIDP to determine the need for modification and to assess progress toward specified goals and objectives.
  • Periodically, at least semi-annually, the team will be convened to review the Person Centered Plan to re-assess needs and supports and monitor progress toward goals.
  • Periodically, at least quarterly, the QIDP will review services and supports being provided for the individual in an effort to monitor and update person centered plan.

Continuous Active Treatment

  • Each individual living at ICF will receive continuous active treatment to meet their needs, preferences, interests and choices.
  • Active treatment will be measured by the individual’s acquisition of new skills, maintenance of current skills, and outcomes of other formal and informal experiences. An emphasis will be placed on physical wellness and fitness activities, socialization tasks, maintaining coordination skills, and reducing the loss of skills that accompanies the physical aspects of the aging process.
  • Active treatment is the sum of all interactions and opportunities afforded an individual, including those which are provided by or occur at workshop, day program, in community experiences, civic organizations, etc.

Participation in Active Treatment

Individual participation in active treatment is a requirement in order to receive services from the ICF/DD facility. Therefore:

  • Upon admission, the individual must review and acknowledge this during the intake process.
  • Individuals must consent to services and support in order to promote and provide active treatment.
  • Individuals must actively participate in programs and services designed to acquire, maintain, or slow the regression of skills.

Individuals who are not in need of or elect not to participate in active treatment are deemed ineligible for an ICF/DD environment.  In such circumstances, the team should be convened to discuss alternate strategies, living arrangements, and thorough transition plans.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 10/4/23

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