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8.06 – Speech Pathology and Audiology Services


Each individual supported by Open Door will receive, when appropriate, speech pathology and audiology services through direct contact between speech pathologists, audiologists, and individuals who will work in coordination with other personnel, including but not limited to Direct Care Staff.


Open Door has a formal written contract for speech pathology and audiology services. Services will be provided by staff who either hold a current education certification from the Ohio Department of Education for a language, speech, or hearing professional, a license to practice speech pathology or audiology in the State of Ohio, a clinical certification by the American Speech and Hearing Association, or a license or clinical certification in process.

  • The Person Centered Planning team will be responsible for making all referrals for screening and evaluation with respect to speech and hearing functions. Within two months after admission, each individual will receive screening tests using appropriate instruments and methods to ensure the individual is provided a fair opportunity to respond to the examination. If indicated after preliminary screening, complete audiological and/or speech and language evaluations will be provided.
  • Speech and Hearing personnel will:
    • Complete an comprehensive audiological assessment (as indicated by the screening results) that would include tests for pure tone air and bond conduction, speech audiometry, other procedures, and the assessment and use of visual cues.
    • Complete an assessment for the use of amplification with the provision for procurement, maintenance, and replacement of hearing aids, as specified by a qualified audiologist. If hearing is normal, the individual will be screened every three years thereafter. If there is a hearing deficit, the individual will be screened or evaluated every year thereafter. Those individuals with hearing aids will receive an annual hearing evaluation. Individuals obtaining hearing aids while living at Open Door would be evaluated after one month of receiving the aid, again after six months, and annually thereafter.
    • Complete a comprehensive speech and language evaluation as indicated by screening results, including an appraisal of articulation, voice, rhythm, and language.  Those individuals that are not in need of speech and hearing services would be screened annually thereafter.
    • Participate in continuing interdisciplinary evaluations of individuals for purposes of beginning, monitoring, and following up IPP/ISP.
    • Provide treatment services as an extension of the evaluation process that include:
      1. Direct counseling with individuals.
      2. Consulting with appropriate staff for speech improvement and speech education activities.
      3. Working with appropriate staff to develop specialized programs for developing each individual’s communication skills, comprehension, speech, reading, auditory training, hearing and utilization, skill in expression, improvement in articulation, voice, rhythm and language.
      4. Where appropriate, planning therapy which involves other people who provide services for the individual.  This involvement is in keeping with the principles of reinforcement in a variety of settings.  Where such involvement is not appropriate, all persons providing services should be made aware that a plan of therapy exists and be reappraised every six months.
    • Provide in-service training programs for direct care staff as well as other staff that work directly with the individuals.
    • Accurately and systematically report evaluation and assessment results in order to:
      1. Provide information, when appropriate, that is useful to other staff working directly with the individual. Information on results of evaluation and assessment of the individual will be clear and concise, and including information including past therapy, outcome of therapy, and any specific methods that work best with the individual.
      2. Include evaluative and summary reports in the individual’s charts no later than two months following the conclusion of each phase of therapy or diagnostic evaluation.
    • Complete all continuing observation reports on treatment progress including accurate records that can be used in the evaluating process. The therapist will keep progress notes on each session of therapy attended. 
  • Open Door will provide:
    • Contracted, qualified staff and support personnel to carry out various speech pathology and audiology services, in accordance with stated goals objectives.
    • Staff who assume independent responsibilities for clinical services and meet qualification requirements of 405.1101.
    • Adequate, direct, and continuing supervision to personnel, volunteers, and support personnel used in providing clinical services.
    • Adequate space, equipment, and supplies that are used for efficient and effective speech pathology and audiology services.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 10/4/23

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