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8.05 – Physical and Occupational Therapy Services


Each individual supported by Open Door will receive appropriate physical and occupational services through direct contact with therapists, individuals, and those involved with the individuals.


Open Door has a formal written contract with a consultant for physical and occupational services. These services will be provided by staff that possess a current license to practice physical or occupational therapy in the State of Ohio.  The Person Centered Planning team will be responsible for making all physical and occupational referrals.

  • The physical and occupational therapy staff will provide treatment training programs that are designed to:
    • Preserve and improve abilities for independent function, such as range of motion, strength, tolerance, coordination and daily living activities.
    • Prevent, in so far as possible, irreducible or progressive disabilities through means such as the use of orthotic and prosthetic appliances, assistive and adaptive devices, positioning, behavior adaptation, and sensory stimulation.
    • Assess for technology that can assist with increased independence and less dependence on staff (Smart home assessment, tech first assessment and programming)
  • The therapist will:
    • Work under the direction of the individual’s physician(s).
    • Record each visit and summarize the treatment training process every 30 days.
    • Use the treatment training process as the basis for continuation or change in the individual’s program.
    • Provide progress summaries each time services are delivered to an individual. This information will be used in the development and modification of the individual’s Person Centered Plan.
    • Attend the Person Centered Plan meeting, as needed, for the individuals receiving services and submit a written summary of goals, objectives, progress and modifications.
  • Open Door will keep records of the individual’s charts, all evaluation results, treatment objectives, plans, procedures and continuing observation notes of progress.  These reports will be communicated to all relevant parties and used in the evaluation process.
  • Open Door will have enough qualified staff and support personnel available to carry out the various physical and occupational therapy services in accordance to the stated goals and objectives.
  • Physical and occupational therapy personnel will be:
    • Assigned responsibilities in accordance with their qualifications.
    • Delegated authority commensurate with their responsibilities.
    • Provided professional direction and consultation.
  • Physical and occupational therapists/therapy assistants will meet the qualification requirements of 405.1101.
  • Open Door will provide sufficient space, equipment, and supplies for efficient and effective physical and occupational therapy services.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 10/4/23

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