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8.04 – Psychological Services


Each individual supported by Open Door will receive, when appropriate, psychological services through personal contact with a psychologist/CNP (overseen by psychologist), individuals, and staff involved with the individuals.


Open Door has a formal written contract with a consultant for psychological services.

  • Qualified staff and support personnel will provide the following psychological services based on need:
    • Evaluation
    • Consultation
    • Therapy
    • Program Development
  • They will also provide administration and supervision of psychological services as well as staff training.
  • The psychologist will:
    • Be licensed and have experience or training in the area of developmental disabilities.
    • Ensuring that evaluations, clinical verification form and assessments contain all information required for level of care, admission, and ICF requirements.
    • Provide initial comprehensive psychological evaluations.
    • Comprehensive evaluations will be completed every three (3) years for each individual.
    • Annual updates of adaptive behavior are required for individuals referred by the individual’s team. 
    • Perform direct counseling to individuals or groups when referred by the team.
    • Provide documentation of all counseling sessions including goals and objectives, monthly progress reports, and quarterly and annual summaries.
    • Participate as a member of the interdisciplinary team, as necessary.
    • Develop behavioral strategies and assist the staff in implementing such programs.
    • Provide in-service training to staff as requested by the Open Door team.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 10/4/23

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