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8.01 – Social Services


Social Service Department (SSD) will strive to assist individuals we serve and their families.  SSD will practice social work in accordance with social work principles, methods and knowledge.  This practice will consist of social case work and psychosocial intervention.  This section serves as the rules and regulations for SSD and it will be reviewed periodically.

Code of Ethics

SSD will abide by the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapist Board.


Any social service employee who holds a license for billing purposes is required to maintain their license. At any time if a licensed employee license is suspended or any other issue with active status, they must report this to their supervisor immediately. The licensed employee will submit a copy of their license and diploma to HR upon hire. The licensed employee will post a copy of their diploma and license in their work area. HR will verify upon hire and annually thereafter that each licensed employee’s license is current/active.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: SSD will provide professional social work services for all individuals served by Open Door.

  • Objective: The Social Worker will serve as an integral component of the Open Door team.  As a member of the team, the Social Worker will be charged with the following responsibilities:
    • Develop a psychosocial assessment of every individual.  This assessment will contain pertinent social information on the individual.
    • Participate in the diagnostic assessment and formulation of the person-centered plan and develop a social work plan with individualized goals. The social work plan will outline billable units and services.
    • Maintain regular contact with individuals’ families and guardians.
    • Assist the individual in the development of a discharge plan consistent with the needs.
    • Develop strategies to assist the individual to fulfill his/her social and emotional needs.
  • Objective: Social work interventions (goals and objectives) will be outlined in the social work assessments/social work plan and addressed in the social work progress notes. The assessments will be updated annually, and progress notes will be typed weekly in Advisor.

Goal 2: SSD will advocate for improved social provisions for the individuals. These social provisions include the human needs of individuals (i.e. housing, financial, vocational, educational, recreational, nutritional and health care).

  • Objective: The Social Worker will initiate contact with community agencies and will make referrals as necessary.
  • Objective: The Social Worker will assist individual with resolving social and emotional issues.

Goal 3: SSD will regularly evaluate community resources and establish linkage to better enable individuals to receive the maximum benefits to which they are entitled.

  • Objective: Establishment of a liaison relationship with the numerous ancillary agencies which relate to the needs of individuals.
  • Objective: Maintain an up-to-date list of community human service agencies.

Goal 4: SSD will advocate and protect the rights of all Open Door individuals.

  • Objective: The SSD will strictly adhere to the concept of confidentiality.
  • Objective: The SSD will strive to safeguard the individual’s rights set forth in 3.00 Section Open Door Policy and Procedure Manual.

Goal 5: The SSD will assist with admissions.

  • Objective: The SSD will apply for payee ship with the Social Security Administration when necessary. The SSD will apply for all necessary benefits, including but not limited to HEAP, PIPP, Lifeline, and Medicaid.
  • Objective: The SSD will adhere to the admissions procedure checklist including ensuring all arrangements are made for utility and benefit transfers.
  • Objective: The SSD will ensure that transition planning is completed and that supports are in place to monitor admissions.

Goal 6: The SSD will coordinate discharge planning.

  • Objective: The SSD will adhere to the discharge procedures which are outlined in Section 3.03F of the Open Door Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Objective: The discharge summary will be completed by the SSD. The sections contained in the discharge summary will be residential plans, financial plans, referrals, significant relatives or others, and progress while at Open Door.
  • Objective: If an individual is discharged as a result of death, the SSD will coordinate the necessary funeral arrangements.

Goal 7: The SSD will assist all individuals to set up pre-need funeral arrangements.

  • Objective: Funeral planning will be a team decision discussed at the person-centered planning meetings.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 10/4/23

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