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7.15.04 Open Door – Whole Facility Evacuation


To ensure that all Individuals and staff will be provided with safe environment in the event of a severe weather condition or natural disaster that results in the need for the facility to totally evacuate the facility and grounds. 


Full facility emergency response evacuation drills will be conducted each year on a semi-annual basis.

Evacuation Routes

Staff will direct any participants and or visitors to quietly and calmly evacuate through the nearest safe exit.  They will evacuate to the far side of the parking lot.

  • A head of all staff and participants will be taken upon evacuation and after arrival at the safe place
  • Stay at the designated safe place until you are released by whoever is in-charge of running the drill (all clear)

Staff Responsibilities

  • In-charge person: The Art Studio Facilitator/designee, if unavailable the Executive Director will be notified.  In the Executive Director’s absence, notify the Designee. On evenings, weekends and holidays the Incident Hotline Staff On-Call will be notified.
  • Secure credit cards
  • Secure the emergency first aide kit
  • Secure the weather radio and emergency flashlight
  • Assist with and oversee evacuation procedure and progress
  • Take a head count/roll call to ensure everyone is accounted for.
  • The Art Studio Facilitator/designee will:
  • Watch and time the evacuation to ensure the procedure is being done in an order manner.
  • After the evacuation, go through the building to ensure that everyone has evacuated.
  • Proceed to parking lot and have staff sign the evacuation inservice form and complete the full facility checklist and return to the building.

In the event that the full facility evacuation is because of an actual severe weather condition or natural disaster that results in the need for the facility to totally evacuate the office and grounds; staff will take instructions from the local Fire Department and/or the local Police Department.

Loss of Facility

In the event of an emergency evacuation that results in the loss of services for an extended period of time, Open Door assures that essential services will continue with as little interruption as possible.

Open Door Art Studio Participants and Staff: In the event of loss of services at the Grandview location, participates activities and training will be conducted at the 540 facility. For extended service needs, Open Door will contact local property management companies for assistance in leasing accessible facilities.

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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