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7.15.03 Corporate – Whole Facility Evacuation


To ensure that all Individuals and staff will be provided with safe environment in the event of a severe weather condition or natural disaster that results in the need for the facility to totally evacuate the facility and grounds. 


Full facility emergency response evacuation drills will be conducted each year on a semi-annual basis.  Members of the Open Door Safety Committee will be in charge of conducting the drills and they will give the “all clear” signal to re-enter the building.  Safety Committee members will be assigned to the parking lots on each side of the building. 

Evacuation Routes

Staff will direct all Individuals and visitors to quietly and calmly evacuate through the nearest safe exit.  If using the back parking lot exit, go to far parking lot area off from our main driveway.  If using the front parking lot exit, go the picnic shelter and green space.  (Do not stand in the front or back main driveways.  Emergency vehicles need to have access to the building)

  • A head count of all staff, Individuals and visitors will be taken upon evacuation and after arrival at the safe place
  • Stay at the designated safe place until you are released by whoever is in-charge of running the drill (all clear)

Staff Responsibilities

  • In-charge person: The Waiver Services Administrator, if unavailable the Waiver Services Program Director, or if unavailable the Open Door Director.
  • Secure credit cards
  • Secure the emergency first aide kit
  • Secure the weather radio and emergency flashlight
  • Secure the Individuals’ emergency contact telephone list
  • The Individuals’ adaptive equipment needs, special food and medical supplies are to be placed in the front dining room for easy accessibility to load onto the designated evacuation vehicle.  (Do Not block the front entrance with these supplies)
  • Assist with and oversee evacuation procedure and progress.
  • Take a head count/roll call to ensure everyone in the department is accounted for.
  • The Safety Committee Chairperson/designee and other Safety Committee members will:
  • Watch and time the evacuation to ensure the procedure is being done in an order manner.
  • After the evacuation, they will go through the building to ensure that everyone has been evacuated.
  • Proceed to parking lot and have staff sign the evacuation in-service form and complete the full facility checklist
  • Check to make sure that everyone has their emergency equipment, (credit cards, flashlight, radio, first aide kit)
  • Check to see if the Individuals’ adaptive equipment, special food and medical supplies are readily available to transport in the designated evacuation vehicle.
  • Give the “all clear” signal to re-enter the building.
  • In the event of an actual emergency evacuation dictated by the local authorities, notify the Waiver Services Administrator, Waiver Services Program Director and the Open Door Director/Assistant Director of the evacuation and the Individuals home/facility.
  • In the event that the full facility evacuation is because of an actual severe weather condition or natural disaster that results in the need for the facility to totally evacuate the office and grounds; staff will take instructions from the local Fire Department and/or Police Department.  If possible, transportation will be arranged to transport the Individuals back to their own home/facility.

Loss of Facility

In the event of an emergency evacuation that results in the loss of services for an extended period of time, Open Door assures that essential services will continue with as little interruption as possible.

General Procedures:

Administrative Staff from all departments will be able to work from home or other designated work spaces through remote access.  Additional services will be accomplished through the following means:

Human Resources

Orientation and Training and file storage would be held at alternate sites identified below.


Check printing would be held at alternate sites as identified below.

Open Door Art Studio (1050 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, OH)

In the event of loss of services at the Grandview location, Individuals’ activities and training will be conducted at the 540 facility.

Career and Activity Center

Individuals’ activities and training would be held at alternate sites identified below.

Supported Employment

Individuals’ employment/enclaves currently operating at 540 will be evaluated for appropriate transfer at alternate sites as needed.

Supported Community Living

Staff conference and training will be held at alternate sites identified below.

Alternate Sites:

Potential temporary alterative sites for activities, listed above include:

  • 540 Industrial Mile Road – Open Door day service facility multipurpose and conference rooms
  • 600 Industrial Mile Road – Open Door residential facility’s multipurpose and conference rooms
  • St. Mark’s Methodist Church
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
  • Westgate Recreation Center
  • For extended service needs, Open Door will contact local property management companies for assistance in leasing accessible facilities.

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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