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7.11.03 Corporate – Chemical Spills and Emergency Response

A major chemical emergency is an accident that releases a hazardous amount of chemicals into the environment.  Accidents can happen underground, on railroad tracks or highways, and at manufacturing plants.  These accidents sometimes result in a fire or explosion, but many times you cannot see or smell anything unusual.

  • In the event of a major chemical emergency, the local fire department and/or police department will notify us.
  • Listen carefully to the radio or television and strictly follow instructions.
  • You will be told:
    • The type of health hazard
    • The area affected
    • How to protect yourself
    • Evacuation routes (if necessary)
    • Type and location of medical facilities
    • The phone numbers to call if you need extra help
  • Do not call the telephone company, and do not call 8-911 or the operator for information.  Dial these numbers only for a possible life-threatening emergency.
  • One of the basic instructions that may be given in a chemical emergency is to “shelter in place”.  This is a precaution aimed at keeping everyone safe.  If we are told to shelter in place, ensure that all residents are located and are indoors.
  • If it is necessary to evacuate the facility, follow the directions of the local authorities and evacuate as per our policy 7.15 Whole Facility Evacuation.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 10/9/23

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