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7.10.01 Park West – Missing Individual Procedure

  • In the event that staff discover that a resident is missing from Park West, the following procedure will be followed:
  • Contact the Executive Director and/or designee immediately, identifying:
    • Individual
    • Apartment
    • Description of the clothing the individual was wearing
    • Approximate time when the individual was last seen
    • Location where the individual was last seen
  • Check all areas of the apartment including closets, mechanical room, laundry room and office
  • Conduct an apartment to apartment search, checking all areas as mentioned above as well as central office building
  • Organize an on-grounds search that includes the property of the facility and surrounding areas
  • All staff involved in the search should contact the Executive Director and/or designee to report on their individual search
  • It will be the responsibility of only the Executive Director and/or designee
  • All apartment staff should continue searching for the individuals until they hear otherwise
  • In order to minimize the possibility of a missing individual, staff should make periodic checks on all individuals during working hours.  It is their responsibility of each staff member on duty to be able to account for those individuals in their apartment.  During the night shift, bedrooms should be checked every hour or more frequently if medical or behavioral indications warrant.
  • When the Sheriff’s Department is contacted by the Executive Director and/or designee, the Medical Services Coordinator or nurse on duty will prepare a summary of medical conditions, medications, vital statistics, etc. to facilitate communication with the Department
  • The Executive Director or Associate Director will contact the Franklin County Board of DD and other involved parties as soon as possible avenues of locating the missing person have been exhausted.

Last Revised: 4/30/21

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