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7.09.15 Harlem– Emergency Medical Procedures

The individuals and staff of Harlem will have access to Emergency Medical Services 24 hours a day.


The New Albany Fire Department will provide emergency medical care for all individuals and staff:

  • When a medical emergency exists, i.e., cessation of breathing, or individual is unresponsive:
    • Call 9-1-1
    • Provide Dispatcher with the following information
      • Name
      • Type of emergency
      • Address
      • Apartment number
    • Contact nurse on duty per cell phone.  Employee may begin appropriate first aid measures which the employee is certified to perform.
  • When the squad arrives, provide them with the following information:
    • Blue medication Kardex
    • Condition and time the individual was found to be having medical problems
    • Vital signs, if taken
    • Activity individual was involved in prior to the medical emergency
    • Other information as requested
  • If the resident is to be transported to the hospital:
    • Staff  on duty will complete necessary paper work
    • When possible, a staff person will accompany the individual to the hospital
    • Staff on duty will notify the Medical Services Coordinator, QIDP, Residential Systems Director, Franklin County Case Management, Social Worker, Chaplin and Guardian when appropriate.
  • If individual/staff person is to be transported to nearest hospital the nurse on duty will contact individual/staff’s emergency person, Executive Director, Case Manager and Medical Services Supervisor.
  • In the event of a death of an individual:
    • Call 9-1-1
    • Provide the dispatcher with the following information
      • Name
      • Type of emergency
      • Address
      • Apartment number
    • Contact nurse on duty
    • The emergency squad will notify Franklin Township Police Department
    • The Medical Services Coordinator, Shift Nurse will contact the Medical Director, Executive Director, Residential Systems Director, Franklin county Case Management, Social Worker, Chaplin and guardian when appropriate.
    • The Franklin Township Police Department will determine when the body can be removed and will make arrangements for transportation.
  • Autopsy:
    • An autopsy may be requested by a family member, legal guardian, Medical Director or in the event of a death due to unnatural causes, by the Franklin County Coroner
    • When the individual expires at a hospital, the autopsy will be performed by a physician who has no conflict of interest of loyalty to Open Door.
    • When an individual expires at Harlem, and an autopsy has been requested, by family, guardian, or legal authorities, it will be performed by the Franklin County Coroner’s office.

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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