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7.09.04 Open Door – Emergency Medical Procedures

The individuals and staff of Open Door Art Studio will have access to Emergency Medical Services 24 hours a day.


The Fire Department will provide emergency medical care for all individuals and staff:

  • When a medical emergency exists, i.e., cessation of breathing, or individual is unresponsive:
    • Call 8-9-1-1
    • Provide Dispatcher with the following information
      • Name
      • Type of emergency
      • Address
      • Apartment number
    • Contact nurse on duty per cell phone.  Employee may begin appropriate first aid measures which the employee is certified to perform.
  • When the squad arrives, provide them with the following information:
    • Blue medication Kardex
    • Condition and time the individual was found to be having medical problems
    • Vital signs, if taken
    • Activity individual was involved in prior to the medical emergency
    • Other information as requested
  • If the resident is to be transported to the hospital:
    • Staff on duty will complete necessary paper work
    • When possible, a staff person will accompany the resident to the hospital
    • Staff will notify the Medical Services Coordinator, QIDP, Residential Systems Director, Franklin County Case Management, Social Worker, Chaplin and Guardian when appropriate.
  • If individual/staff person is to be transported to the Hospital, the staff on duty will contact individual/staff’s emergency person, Executive Director, QIDP/Program Coordinator, Case Manager and Medical Services Supervisor.
  • In the event of a death of an individual:
    • Call 8-9-1-1
    • Provide the dispatcher with the following information
      • Name
      • Type of emergency
      • Address
      • Apartment number
    • Contact nurse on duty
    • The emergency squad will notify the local Police Department
    • The Medical Services Supervisor, Shift Nurse will contact the Medical Director, Executive Director, Designee, Franklin county Case Management, Social Worker, Chaplin and guardian when appropriate.
    • The Franklin Township Police Department will determine when the body can be removed and will make arrangements for transportation.
  • Autopsy:
    • An autopsy may be requested by a family member, legal guardian, Medical Director or in the event of a death due to unnatural causes, by the Franklin County Coroner
    • When the individual expires at a hospital, the autopsy will be performed by a physician who has no conflict of interest of loyalty to Open Door.
    • When an individual expires at Open Door, and an autopsy has been requested, by family, guardian, or legal authorities, it will be performed by the Franklin County Coroner’s office.

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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