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7.07.15 Harlem – Telephone Services Disruption

  • In the event of a temporary disruption in telephone service, the location will be given a cellular telephone for business use only.  The telephone number for their assigned cellular phone will be attached to the outside of the cellular phone.
  • During regular business hours and after regular business hours:  If the problem is due to an electrical outage, the Lead DSP will ensure the emergency cell phone is available.
  • If the problem is due to loss of outside telephone service:  (i.e. break in the external telephone cable):
  • During regular business hours and after regular business, the Lead DSP will pass out the emergency cell phones to each apartment.
  • The Technical Support Staff should be called immediately.  If staff is unable to reach them, they should call the back-up, Financial Director at 614-623-0942. If neither of them can be reached the Incident Report Staff on-call should use the troubleshooting call procedure.
  • The Executive Director, Designee, Financial Director and the IT Support Staff Person should be immediately notified.
  • In the event of a fire emergency during a period of all telephone service disruptions (inside telephones and cellular phones), a person should be immediately dispatched to the local Fire Department.

Last Revised: 4/30/21

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