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6.07 – Gowning Technique


Gowns will be worn to protect employee’s clothing and exposed skin surfaces from potential contamination when disease requiring enteric precautions or Wound and Skin Precautions are diagnosed.  Individual gown technique will be used, i.e., a gown will be used once, then discarded.


Disposable gowns.


Putting on gown
  1. Wash hands
  2. Roll sleeves above elbow before donning gown
  3. Draw gown on over arms with opening in back
  4. Reach behind and tie neck band with a simple shoelace bow
  5. Lap gown at back so that clothing is completely covered’
  6. Tie waist tapes in bow
Removing gown
  1. Untie waist tapes and drop to side
  2. Unfasten neck band
  3. Touching only neckband, pull gown down over one arm and then the other so that gown is removed inside out
  4. While holding gown away from body, fold gown touching only the exposed inner surface
  5. Touching only inner surfaces of gown, dispose of in plastic lined container, designed for this use
  6. Wash hands
  7. When there is potential for the gown to be contaminated with blood or other potentially contaminated materials, the trash can will be lined with a red bag.  The red bag will be provided by the Nursing/Social Services Departments.  When the trash can liner is full, it will be secured and placed in the large trash can labeled with a Bio-hazardous label.  The large trash can liner, when full, will be placed in appropriate labeled container to be disposed of by Steri-cycle.

Last Revised: 6/6/22

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