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6.05 – Hand Washing


Employees shall wash their hands before and after every individual contact (including after removing gloves) and before handling items which come in contact with individuals such as food, clean linens, medications, etc.  When administering medication, licensed nurses may use hand sanitizer after each contact with an individual.  Antiseptic towelettes are provided in the first aid kits in all vehicles.


To remove microorganisms which cause infections.


  1. Remove gloves
  2. Turn on the warm tap water and wet hands
  3. Keeping hands lower than elbows, apply soap
  4. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds.  Use friction to clean between fingers, palms, back of hands, wrists and forearms.  Clean under nails
  5. Rinse under running water
  6. Use paper towels to dry hands
  7. Use paper towels to turn off the faucet and discard

Appropriate alternative:  When hand washing facilities are not accessible; i.e., on company vehicles, disposable gloves and antiseptic towelettes will be available in the first aid kits in all vehicles.

Last Revised: 6/6/22

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