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6.03 – Management of Communicable Conditions in Personnel


Personnel who exhibit signs of symptoms of any communicable condition may not be permitted to work.  In order to return to work, any personnel must present medical documentation releasing them to come back with no restrictions or show proof of completion of isolation procedures to return-to-work.


Personnel – full and part time employees, volunteers, contract employees and all others that have regular contact with Open Door individuals.

Communicable condition – refers to diseases or infections which may be transmitted directly or indirectly from one individual to another.


  • Any employee who is exhibiting symptoms of or is diagnosed with a communicable disease or has reason to believe he/she may have a highly communicable illness, i.e., strep throat, chicken pox, measles, COVID-19 etc., should stay home from work and see his/her physician.
  • An employee having a communicable disease shall bring a physician’s release to the Employee Benefits Coordinator (who may request further review from nursing) before returning to work.  The release must indicate the employee is cleared for full duty without any restrictions or must follow established quarantine/isolation period instructions for return to work. For COVID-19 infection, an employee testing positive must not return to work for 5 day isolation period from the date tested or the date symptoms began.
  • Any employee who has been exposed to infections or communicable diseases will report such information to the Incident Hotline and Medical Services Manager.  A determination will then be made regarding the advisability of continuing work and communication. Any precautions will be listed in writing to employee with their agreement to comply to ensure health and safety of others.

Last Revised: 5/11/2023

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