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6.02 – New Admission, Surveillance for Communicable Disease


All new admissions to Open Door including transfers from other facilities and planned admissions, shall be examined by a physician as soon as possible after admission.  Appropriate examinations and diagnostic studies will be completed prior to the admission.


This policy will not only ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment of communicable disease in new admissions, but also prevent our individuals and employees from potential exposure to communicable disease.


  • When admissions are anticipated, the nurse, Residential Services Director or QIDP will request the following to be completed prior to admission:
    • Written physical examination; written dental exam
    • Lab work, if available, corresponding to medical condition
    • Hepatitis screening to include hepatitis B surface antigen and antibody (HbsAg and antiHBs).  As well as hepatitis A and C screening.
    • Evidence of P.P.D. skin testing using the two-step Mantoux.
    • Immunization record
    • Negative COVID 19 testing (new 2020)
  • When admissions are of an immediate or emergency nature:
    • The individual will receive a physical examination to rule out the presence of a communicable disease as soon as possible after the admission
    • If pre-admission hepatitis screening and PPD status have not been accomplished, or results are not known, universal precautions will be exercised
    • The procedures outlined in section 1, if not completed prior to admission, will be performed on the day of admission, if possible and no later than the next working day.
    • Immunization status will be investigated and up-dated as necessary.  If no immunization record is able to be obtained or if immunization record is incomplete, the physician will review the immunization record and all intake documents to make formal recommendation for immunizations during the admission review and History/Physical completion.  The physician will note any recommendations or orders in record.
    • Administrations of recommended immunizations will be completed per physician orders/recommendations. 

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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