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5.22 – Hospital Observation

During individual’s hospital stays, the Open Door program team and medical team are responsible to implement a Hospital visitation and call plan to ensure continuity of care for the individual. 

Whenever possible, Open Door will send a staff member daily to hospital to visit individuals.

While there, staff will observe individual’s condition and appearance and communicate with hospital professionals to ensure all information needed is provided.  This includes demographic information, diet orders, medication and treatments, physician contacts, guardian contacts, typical functioning level, feeding needs including texture modifications and adaptive equipment, hygiene needs, personal care needs, likes/dislikes, methods of communication, etc.

Open Door staff will attempt to gather information from hospital regarding treatments, condition, upcoming tests or labs, prognosis, discharge plan, etc.

Open Door staff will complete updates on the Monday.com out of facility documentation board which is automatically routed to designated Open Door program and medical team members.

Before leaving hospital, staff will ensure that hospital personnel have proper Open Door and guardian contact information for individual.

Any concerns during the visit must be immediately communicated to Open Door program and medical team.

Last Revised: 6/21/24

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