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5.15 – Individual Leave Days (ICF)

The philosophy of Open Door will be to encourage the resident’s family and friends to be actively involved and to maintain consistent interaction.  Visitation of family and friends will be encouraged, and when requests for overnight leaves or vacations occur, the following procedure will be followed:

 If leave is more than 3 days and not an emergency:

  • Leave must be approved as part of the Individual’s plan (entire team notified)
  • The Medical Director will approve or disapprove all leaves/vacations via a written order on the order sheet
  • Nursing department is responsible for obtaining the medication and providing medications to the person responsible during leave, as well as completing/documenting full head-to-toe assessments

For leaves for less than 3 days or emergency in nature:

  • The Medical Director will be notified and will approve/disapprove the leave and will indicate what medications should be provided with order sheet
  • The nursing department will be responsible for obtaining the medication and providing to person responsible during leave
  • Team should be notified

Documentation for leave days:

  1. Physician Order sheet
  2. Individual’s plan
  3. Time of departure and return in chart and daily census sheet
  4. Documentation of head-to-toe assessment

Last Revised: 6/6/22

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