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5.13 – Laboratory Tests

Monitoring of laboratory results is an essential component of caring for all individuals at Open Door in order to:

  • Assess treatment and medication effects
  • Assess current medical condition
  • Early detection or indication of acute issues
  • Identify early signs of clinical deterioration
  • Baseline data for vital tracking for report to treatment professionals


Laboratory tests needs will be reviewed on admission with Medical Director. The physician may write orders individually for the clients based upon their medical history, age, gender or medical vulnerabilities. Labs are tracked using Brittco scheduler.

ICF and Waiver

Other on-going laboratory tests should be ordered by physician.  Nursing staff (or Certified DSP staff in Waiver settings) are responsible for arranging and ensuring completion of laboratory tests as ordered by physician and/or care plan.  If an order is received for on-going monitoring of labwork (ie: annually, quarterly, etc…), the nursing staff and/or designee will enter into the care plan and ensure that the lab reminder is placed on medical appt calendar for the ordered frequency.  Lab completion dates and information should be entered into medical appointment tracking software (Advisor) within 3 days of receipt so that they will alert when due. 

All Laboratory results and documentation MUST be reviewed by physician and copy maintained in individual records.  Laboratory results should be forwarded for review during appointments with physicians and for Behavior Support Committee, when requested.  

Last Revised: 6/6/22

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