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5.09 – Advanced Directives

Open Door will provide all individuals and/or guardians with information regarding their right to execute an advance directive.  An advance directive is defined as written instruction, such as a Living Will or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care that an individual completes regarding their wishes for future medical intervention should they be unable to make the decisions at a later date.

Open Door will not condition provision of care or otherwise discriminate against any individual based on whether or not they have executed a Living Will.  Each individual and/or guardian has the right to participate in their health care decisions and the right to refuse treatment.

Open Door will assure compliance with State law regarding advanced directives.  Open Door will provide training and education on issues concerning advance directives.

Upon admission and annually thereafter, the individual and/or guardian will be asked if they have a completed advance directive by Social Services department.

If one has been completed, a copy will be obtained and filed in individual record and noted on fact sheet.  A copy of the advanced directive should be sent with individual for all hospital visits.

Upon request, a copy may be sent to Power of Attorney, individual, guardian, or physicians with consent.

If an advance directive has not been completed, the document will be discussed annually.  If the individual and/or guardian is interested in completing advance directives, a member of the Social Services department will assist with completion.  If not completed, a decline acknowledgment will be signed by individual and/or guardian. 

Last Revised: 6/6/22

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