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5.08 – Optometry Care


Each individual served by Open Door will receive regular and emergency visual care on a 24 hours a day basis by trained and qualified personnel. 

All eye appointments will be made by Medical Appointment Coordinator and tracked through Medical Appointment tracking in electronic appointment tracking software.

An initial eye appointment will be completed within 30 days of admission, if it is determined necessary by physical assessment.

Records of optometry exams will be maintained for each individual.

Waiver Residential

All individuals should have optometry examinations if specified in the ISP.  The Habilitation Coordinator is responsible for tracking annual appointments in the Advisor system.  The Lead staff/Habilitation Coordinator are responsible for scheduling and arranging for appointments for individuals including attending and transportation to and from the appointment.  Records of the appointment consult sheets must be maintained and filed in the individual’s record. 

Last Revised: 6/6/22

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