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5.02 – Health Care Support


Nursing Services will be provided for health maintenance, prevention of health problems, and for early detection or remediation of health needs.  Specialized health services will be provided for individuals requiring specialized care. 

Nursing staff will include at least one Registered Nurse and a team of Licensed Practical Nurses. 

Nursing staff at all levels of experience will be:

  • Assigned responsibilities in accordance with their certifications and qualifications
  • Delegated authority commensurate with their responsibilities
  • Provided with professional nursing supervision and oversight

The ICF must ensure the availability of physician services 24 hours a day/ 7 days per week.

Services will include, but not be limited to:

  • Participation as appropriate in the development, review and update of the IPP as part of the interdisciplinary team process.  (The annual IPP checklist documents will be provided at each annual meeting)
  • The development, with the Medical Director, of a medical care plan of treatment for a resident, as ordered by physician.
  • Conduct a full body system review (physical assessment) of each resident on a quarterly basis and report all findings to Medical Director. (Assessment forms completed electronically on JotForm by Medical Services Manager)
  • Ensuring proper follow-up for medical appointments, medication and treatment orders, other laboratory needs, tests and x-rays.  Results must be timely reported to physician and team.
  • Ensuring all orders are administered per physician orders.
  • Ensuring immunizations remain up-to-date according to physician order sheets and administered as per orders.
  • Coordinating and communicating with IPP team regarding protective and preventative health measures including training staff and residents on health related needs
  • Requesting addendums to discuss major medical changes or needs for implementation of new medical procedures or care measures by DSP staff.
  • Control measures for infection and communicable disease.
  • Follow-up on medical related UI reports timely and accurately including physical assessments, when appropriate.
  • Personnel related: HepB, TB shot administration, tracking, and follow-up; orientation training for new DSP staff on medical procedures.
  • Initiation of short term goals and ADLs to address needed temporary medical action or staff monitoring.
  •  Complete apartment staff inservices.



Currently, the Waiver funding does not support direct nursing services.  In Franklin County only, Health Services Coordination can be authorized through County funding as indicated in individual’s ISP. 

In order to qualify for HSC, the individual must require staff assistance with medication administration.  Open Door contracts with Nursing Services to provide HSC.  They are responsible for nursing oversight on medication, appointments, and follow up.

Quality Assurance Reviews will be conducted by Viaquest for Open Door at least annually. 

Open Door must follow State of Ohio Medication Administration standards at all residential sites.  (Refer to 5.04-Medication Administration Policy)  Lead and DSP staff are responsible for general health care support, medical appointment scheduling, attendance, and follow-up, medication orders, reporting unusual medical observations, following medical tasks as listed in ISP.

Integrated Day Services

Open Door adheres to requirements from State Of Ohio Medication Administration (OAC 5123:2-6-01 through 5123:2-6-07) which outlines when a nurse must provide services and when a DSP staff may administer medication and related services.  (Refer to attached grid for specific requirements.) 

Last Revised: 6/6/22

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