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4.34 ICF – Satisfaction Surveys

Open Door strives to provide quality, person-centered support to all individuals served.  In order to ensure that services are being provided as per the person-centered plan (PCP), Open Door prioritizes gathering input from all stakeholders on their satisfaction with all areas of our performance.

Open Door has a robust program that allows for all stakeholders to provide feedback on our services through satisfaction surveys.  Surveys are made available by online methods, phone, and email. 

The Satisfaction Surveys for individuals/residents of the ICF are completed at least annually. They are conducted with the individuals residing at the facility, their guardians (if applicable), and family members or advocates. The survey form includes questions that address, at a minimum:

  • The degree to which a resident feels happy and safe living in the ICFIDD
  • Staff interaction
  • The level that they are involved in the person-centered planning process
  • Community activities
  • Medical care – appointments, health, nursing/medications

In addition, at least annually, the following individuals are contacted for input and feedback through the completion of satisfaction surveys directly related to their specific service areas:

  • County boards
  • MUI departments
  • Those who contract with our agency
  • Each employee and department within our agency
  • Board of Directors

Open Door maintains records of each contact and evidence that the survey was offered to the stakeholder even if they choose not to complete it.

The results of the satisfaction surveys are compiled through electronic data systems and analyzed each month.  Reports are stored in shared files for all departments to access.  Follow-up actions are developed to address any pattern of concern or areas identified for improvement. All individuals and family members receive updates on how the issue was addressed.

Monthly (per the assigned QI schedule), reports are shared with all individuals served, families, our Open Door employees, leadership, and our Board of Directors, including direct responses to individual and family surveys. Stakeholder feedback is prioritized in our strategic initiatives and drives decisions on staff training, budget, policy and procedural changes, and the overall direction of our agency.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 6/21/24

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