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4.32 SCL – Timesheet Billing Documentation

All Open Door Waiver service divisional staff are required to complete and submit assigned billing documents according to established departmental deadlines via electronic visit verification standards.   Any timesheet, record, and billing document represent a legal record and serve as the basis for all Open Door Waiver billing and payroll documentation.

Therefore, all timesheets and billing documents must be an accurate reflection of both the employee’s hours worked and the actual service units provided according to the individual’s service plan and authorizations.   In addition, the billing must be submitted timely for processing of reimbursement. 

Timesheets and billing documentation are audited randomly by the accounting department.  They reserve the right to correct or amend any billing or timesheet data that is found to be incorrect or in error. 

Falsification or incorrect recording of billing and timesheets (including timeclock procedures) may result in disciplinary action through Policy 2.15 or could result in delay or errors on payroll checks.  Any falsification may be considered Medicaid Fraud and results in immediate termination.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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