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4.31 SCL – Individual Specific Training

All Open Door Divisions strive to provide quality, person-centered supports to all individuals served.  In order to ensure that services are being provided as per the person-centered plan, Open Door has developed orientation and on-going training systems that promote staff training. 

As part of the training procedures, all staff will receive individual specific training covering all areas of the person-centered plan, medical, medication administration information, behavior strategies, and other pertinent individual preferences. This training and staff acknowledgement will be completed when working at each location when working for the first time electronically. 

The Individual Specific Training forms are kept updated by the Case Manager or QIDP for each individual and are stored on the Shared drive. Completed IST forms are forwarded to the HR Department who enters staff training into Advisor system.  All IST forms are tracked by scheduling to ensure that staff have met requirements to work at each location.

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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