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4.28 SCL – Transfer or Combination of Services

  • Individuals receiving Waiver services have the right to free choice of providers for both residential and day services, therefore, at any time can request a change in provider or agency or service area.
  • Residential placement referrals and day program changes are administered through the county board SSA for individuals receiving Waiver services. Therefore, Open Door program team will assist individuals or representatives to contact the SSA to notify of intention to change service area, provider, or agency. 
  • If directed to by county board personnel, the Open Door program team will assist individual to interview and tour potential service areas, agencies, or meet with alternate providers as directed by county board SSA.
  • In the event that an individual chooses to leave any program or transition to combination of services, the Open Door program team or social worker will complete an exit summary outlining the reason for discharge.  The discharge summaries will be maintained by the Director, Fiscal Administrator, and Program Director and reviewed for patterns and trends.
  • Within two weeks of the initial discharge, the Social worker will contact the individual, guardian, and other team members to ensure that the transition to new services was successful and that all necessary documentation was received from Open Door entities. In addition, the Social Worker will ensure that necessary supports are still in place.  These contacts will be documented on the discharge summary form.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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