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4.22 SCL – Individual Clothing/Personal Property

Open Door is responsible to assist individual to monitor personal property including clothing, furniture, and any other items owned by individual. Open Door staff will complete a personal property and clothing inventory for each individual served.  This inventory will be updated with any change to property including additions or disposal.  The inventory will be done using pictures of items.  Pictures of electronic items should include images of brand, serial numbers, etc.

All Open Door staff must ensure that any issues related to individual’s alleged missing or broken personal property are reported immediately as per the following protocol:

  1. Staff should assist with looking for any missing property just to ensure it wasn’t just placed somewhere else within the location. 
  2. Immediately call Incident Hotline.
  3. Write an incident report detailing any information that is available regarding the personal property missing or broken.

Open Door will reimburse for any incidents resulting from staff negligence or substantiated theft. Personal property inventories/pictures will be evaluated during random program department audits and during lead monthly supervision checklist completion.

Signed by:

Rebecca Sharp Porter
Chief Executive Director

Last Revised: 8/25/21

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