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4.21 ICF – Individual Funeral Planning

  • Social Services department will attempt to pre-plan funeral arrangements for each individual according to his/her finances and preferences.
  • Individual may purchase portions of their arrangements in advance such as, direct cremation, “traditional services”, grave plot, headstone, etc., according to their personal priority.
  • There are variations between direct cremation and traditional funerals. These types of arrangements will be made at the time of an individual’s death according to their finances (such as viewing, direct cremation, then burial).
  • Individual funeral arrangements will be discussed and reviewed at their PCP/IPP meetings.
  • Funeral arrangements for each individual are on file in Social Services office. Pre-paid contracts are on file in Social Services office.
  • References to funeral arrangements have also been made in the IPP meeting minutes.

Last Revised: 4/30/21

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