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4.19 ICF – Individual Vacation Procedures


The purpose of the annual vacation is to provide each individual with experiences that are over and above usual community outings and promote:

  • Fun away from the routine
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Visiting places of interest
  • Opportunities to develop deeper personal relationships with friends and associates
  • Opportunities to visit their “roots” (hometown, family or friends)
  • New and different aspects of community living


It is understood that all vacation plans require detailed proposal with input from all participants and that the scheduled activities take into account the personal interests of each individual. Individuals must have expressed specific interest for the proposed vacation and must have as clear an understanding as possible of all conditions and financial arrangements involved in the trip. Each individual should sign the last page of the vacation proposal after agreeing with the details of the trip.


  1. Each vacation proposal should be discussed and recommended in the individual’s individual IPP meeting, or approved by QIDP and Finance Director.
  2. Vacation proposals involving overnight travel must be submitted to the Vacation Planner for review at least four (4) weeks in advance to allow for reservations, tickets and/or deposits to be made. The IPP team must approve any exceptions to the to the four (4) weeks’ notice requirement. (See B.3). One (1) day vacation outings should be submitted to the Vacation Planner at least 14 days in advance prior to the scheduled outings.
  3. The Vacation Planner will schedule a meeting to review the proposal to ensure comprehensive planning within one (1) week of receipt of proposal for vacations longer than 1 day.

Review and Approval

The vacation proposal is reviewed and approved by the IPP team of the following individuals:

  • QIDP – to review compliance with IPP team discussion and financial considerations.
  • Vacation Planner – to review Direct Support Professionals individual ratios, travel considerations, vehicle planning and procedure compliance.
  • Representative from nursing/Designee – to review medical concerns
  • Individual Supervisor – to review Scheduling Supervisor
  • Vacation planner – to coordinate communications and planning arrangements between Direct Support Professionals and individuals traveling.

Proposal Format

The vacation proposal will include a detailed description of each of the following:

  • Purpose of the vacation
  • Destination
  • Dates/Days of week
  • List of Travelers
  • Lodging
    • Description of costs, the individual participants, including the expenses for Direct Support Professionals/volunteers who accompany them, will pay for all overnight-lodging arrangements. The facility credit card will be utilized to reserve the rooms needed. All participants will reimburse this arrangement by signing the last page of the vacation proposal.
  • Food and Beverage
    • The majority of food and beverage for participants will be provided by Park West. (For Camping (cabins) 1 – day vacation picnics)
    • Individuals will pay for their own food and beverage when gone out to restaurants. Park West will provide Direct Support Professionals and volunteers up to $ 40.00 a day for three meals.
    • Park West will provide food for vacations such as camping trips, picnics, or 1 day vacations when not eating at restaurant for individual and Direct Support Professionals.
    • The person responsible for planning the vacation should contact accounting 7 days prior to the trip leaving to make arrangements for staff money for food and beverages. The amount and names of each staff going on the vacation, date of the trip, and the date the money should be received by.
  • Vehicle and Travel Expenses
    • Park West vehicles should be used for vacations. If possible when using Park West Vehicles, the persons planning the vacation should plan for substitute arrangements to cover for the normal Park West vehicle needs.
    • When Park West vehicles are not available, Park West will reimburse Direct Support Professionals/volunteers who use their own vehicles at a rate of $0.40 per mile. This includes reimbursement of gasoline. (See policy 2.05.4). The vehicle owner must be insured for liability of passengers (see policy 3.09)
  • Activity Expenses
    • All special events, recreational, entry fee and miscellaneous expenses will be paid for by each participant. All such expenses for Direct Support Professionals should be designated and will be paid as listed below:
    • Park West will pay for the admission up to $20.00. Any amount over $20.00 the individual will be responsible for covering.
  • Medical/Dietary Considerations
    • Any medical or dietary needs of the travelers must be taken into account when planning the vacations. The person making the proposal should describe the provisions that will be made for special needs. The vacation must be approved by the Vacation Team or IPP team.
  • Employee Schedules and Time Sheet Instructions
    • The number of Direct Support Professionals will be determined by individual needs. All hourly Direct Support Professionals will be paid for all hours worked. When individuals go to bed, Direct Support Professionals will be paid a night supervision rate at minimum wage. During vacations involving more than one day, shift and weekend differentials do not apply. Overtime will be paid for hours worked over 40 hours on the workweek. The employees on a vacation support timesheet will record actual hours worked at regular vs. night supervision rate. (See attached example: Remember, shift differentials do not apply during vacations of more than one day.) Direct Support Professionals will continue to be eligible for shift and weekend differential pay for one (1) day trips. If an employee is able to be completely relieved from duty for periods of time long enough to enable him/her to use the time effectively for his/her own purpose, that time will not be recorded on the time sheet. The planned number of days for a vacation should consider:
      • The number of Direct Support Professionals pulled from the regular apartment schedule
      • The amount of overtime to be paid
      • Vehicle use away from Park West
  • Schedule of Events and Activities
    • A planned schedule of events on a sheet of paper should be attached to the vacation proposal as an outline in the itinerary.
  • Total Cost to the Individual
    • Divide the vacation costs by the total number of individual participants. The DSP cost of the proposed vacation for each participant must be recorded. Direct Support Professionals will assist each participant in keeping all receipt for their financial record to verify those expenses.
  • Total Cost to Park West
    • The Park West for DSP COST must be recorded on a vacation log. Direct Support Professionals will turn in receipts to the Vacation planner within 3 days of returning from trip.

Last Revised: 4/30/21

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